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by:KEBO      2019-09-24
When it comes to living off the grid, many people seek to achieve this through solar energy.Today, I will discuss how easy it is to get out of the grid by choosing to build my own solar panel system.With the introduction of new technologies and kits, it's really simple for anyone who chooses to convert the entire home into solar energy and stay away from the grid forever.It's actually a three-step process, so let's cover each step individually to help you get out of the grid and build your own solar system.The first step in life off the grid determines your requirements.In fact, your first step can be divided into two separate steps.First, it is worth taking the time to reduce energy demand before converting to solar energy.It's as simple as looking at what you currently have and replacing things with a more energy efficient model.For example, a 100-watt incandescent lamp consumes 100 watts of energy every hour it is turned on.The light is cleaner than the new LCD bulb, using only 4.5 watts of energy that produces the same amount of light.A simple change like this will reduce your energy needs and, in turn, reduce the cost of your entire system.If you need help at this step, Energuide for canada foods is a great resource to understand the energy needs of different items and compare them to reduce energy.In addition, the implementation guide that comes with green power ease details the steps needed here.Find a link to their website at the end of this article.Once you reduce your energy needs, you need to take the time to calculate how much energy you use every day.It's simple, just look at everything you need to use electricity at home and calculate the WattHours required.For example, if you look at your bulb: LCD 4.5-watt bulbs are 4 hours a day.It then uses 4.5x4 = 18 watts of electricity per day.Your refrigerator is rated at 400 watts (about 1/3 running time) and uses 400x8 = 3200 watts of power (or 3 hours) per day ).2 kW Hours) .Continue to do this on every appliance in your home until you have a complete list of required items.Building solar panels to meet your next step is to build enough solar panels to meet your home needs.If you are building a panel of 100 watts, then each panel can produce a panel of about 1 watt.Electricity at 2 KW hours a day.If in the first step you decide it will take 10 KW hours a day to run your home, then you will need 8 panels to run your home.In this case, you want to generate more energy than you actually use, so you should build more energy.Using the example above, I might choose to make 11 panels to make sure I have the remaining energy and I never reduce the battery pack to 0.It's very simple to build your own solar panels.The alternative energy DIY guide can teach you everything you need to know.The third step from grid life to assemble your solar system the last step from grid life is to assemble your final system.This will need to get a charging controller (which can be built on its own and costs about the HDD), build a battery pack, then get a power inverter and connect everything to the home.There are many options to learn how to implement all the steps we just discussed..The first step we recommend is to read some reviews of the top guide for DIY solar panels.These guides provide you with more detailed ideas on how to do this, and will also provide you with cheap solutions, such as building a battery pack that stores energy.
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