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by:KEBO      2019-10-08
When a professional HVAC installer installs the air conditioning equipment, he must install a drip line or drain pipe before the installation meets the building specifications.You should take the same steps to drain water from the window air conditioner.There is a drain pipe for each window air conditioner so you can install the drain pipe.If you don't have a drain hose installed, water usually flows out of the air conditioner, into the windowsill, or to the ground next to your foundation.Quick installation of hose can prevent damage to window air conditioning.
Check the drain on the air conditioner to determine what type it has.Most of the mouths are plastic with thorns and need you to slide on the hose and fix them with a belt clip.Some people have a hose joint that allows you to screw the hose onto the spout.
If your window air conditioner has a bayonet spout, cut off the coupler at the end of the garden hose with a blade.Slide the belt clip onto the hose, then slide the hose onto the spout with a thorn.Place the belt clip on the spout and tighten it with a flat head screwdriver.If it has a coupler, skip this step and go to the next step.
Twist the coupler on the hose to the coupler on the air conditioner.Make sure you tighten the coupler by hand as much as possible to avoid leakage.
Expand the hose and place the other end away from the house.This will ensure that the drained water does not flow into your foundation or window sill.
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