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by:KEBO      2019-10-09
Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio (SEER) is a measure used to rate the efficiency and performance of heat pumps or central air-conditioning units.The higher the SEER number, the higher the energy efficiency of the device, the more money you save on the electricity bill.Higher-It is also more expensive to buy rated heat pumps.SEER data is usually between 10 and 14, but some manufacturers have higher SEER ratings.Knowing the SEER number rated by your device will help you to evaluate the old heat pump and whether it is worth replacing or repairing.
See if there is an energy label on the side of the heat pump.The SEER rating should be listed on this tab.
Find the manual and look for the SEER rating inside.It will most likely be listed on the first few pages of the manual or on the cover.
Open the website of the manufacturer.Type the heat pump model in the search function of the website.A description including the SEER number may be generated.Manual can also be downloaded.The model should be listed on the sticker and manual on the side of the heat pump.
Call the local heat pump dealer and tell him your brand and model.You can also make an appointment.A representative will come out, evaluate your heat pump, notify you of the SEER number, and may recommend the best course of action if you have a heat pump problem.
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