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by:KEBO      2019-10-08
In order to buy the right air conditioner for your home, you must first know what size of air conditioner it takes to cool the home.It seems a daunting task to calculate the air conditioning requirements for any particular room, but the formula needed to calculate the UK heat unit (BTU) requirements is easy to use.There are also many onlineLine calculators that provide more accurate graphics and consider more variables, such as wall materials, orientation, and geographic location.
Calculate the square feet of the area you need to cool.Measure the length and width of the room and multiply the numbers.The result is square feet.
Square feet multiplied by 25.
Add 400 to the previous result of each person occupying the room.For example, if you are cooling down the bedroom shared by two people, then you will increase by 800.
For each window in the room, add this number by 1,000.The final answer will give you an approximate number of BTUs which you will need to cool the room.Therefore, in these calculations, 250 BTUs is required for a room with two windows, two people and 9,059 square feet to cool the room.
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