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by:KEBO      2019-10-15
Generators are critical to the field work done by consultants who are often exposed to remote areas without electricity.
Goscor Engines customers have recently done an in-depth study to determine which generators are suitable for use with sensitive equipment such as the Cedip product range, where spikes and dents of power supplies.
Before conducting a comparative study, customers who work in the field as logistics consultants use batteries as a power source for the equipment.He found that the battery power supply was very limited due to limited battery life.
Subsequently, the consultant tried to use UPS as a power source, especially when he did the demo work, and he also found that time was a factor, often at critical moments of demonstrations, as UPS also ran out of power.
Traditional generators are also not suitable, as the sensitive equipment used during the demonstration will be damaged by drops and spikes.
As a result, the new generation (inverter technology) generators are considered to include energy-saving modes, are able to provide more power on demand, and are also equipped with built-in inverter circuits that protect sensitive electronic devices.These generators also have a 12 v output, which is very good especially when the battery has to be charged.Light-Weight, compact size, and low noise are also an advantage, especially when demonstrated on site.
\ "If I am looking for a system to manipulate my field set, based on price and performance-OK, I will choose the Robin Subaru generator.I work for our Department of Environmental Affairs (Marine and Coastal Management-Anti-"The poaching Task Force) uses the robin and it performs beautifully," the client said .".
The set-

The generator does not have a switch in order to provide additional power.It is still in low power mode, so no refueling is required and more than 5 hours of continuous use.The demo is less than 10 m away from the generator and barely heard above the dialogue level.
The only advantage of a more expensive generator is that if you need a higher rated power than a single generator, you can purchase an optional extension, allows you to connect two generators of the same model and rated power in parallel, thus doubling the rated power of one generator.Keep the output clean, kill-Freedom and stage.

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