in wall surge protector How to Hide the Cords of an Entertainment Center

by:KEBO      2019-11-11
The wires behind your entertainment center are cluttered and can be an eye --Pain and walking obstacles in your home.In the case of audio/visual interference or technical difficulties, a bunch of wires can make it frustrating time to discover and solve problemsConsumer experience.Using some tips to hide the wires in the entertainment center can greatly improve your home theater experience.Before hiding the wires in your entertainment center, unlock them with your heart and separate them so that the ins and outs of each wire are clear.First unplug each wire from the socket and surge protector so you can freely make them without pulling the device.Once all your wires are separated, the bundle groups generated from each single device with a twist or zipper.For other organizations, separate according to their functions;For example, put the audio line in one bundle, the video line in another bundle, and the power cord in another bundle.The cable tie belt allows you to connect your wires neatly to the back of the entertainment center to keep them orderly and invisible.You can also use the cable tray;They are connected under or behind your entertainment center and form a shelf through which you can run your wires.A screw hook is attached to the back of your entertainment center;Use the hook to wrap around the lengthy cables to keep them away from the floor.The cable sleeve is usually composed of nylon fiber or canvas, and is a flexible pipe suitable for the beam.If your entertainment center is located in a carpeted room, gently lift the edge of the carpet behind the entertainment center and tie your wires underneath.Before replacing the carpet, attach the bundle to the floor using a cable nail;This will prevent bundles.If your entertainment center is set up away from the power outlet, The Wire housing is a convenient solution.Measure the length of the wire cover you need and then pass the wire through the cover.Stick the lid on the wall with self-adhesive.Unlike the flexible cable sleeve, you can draw the cable sheath.Apply the cover in a color that complements the room decoration;This makes the wire cover look like it's formed, not the hardware.Use interior design tips to hide your ropes, such as long curtains close to the entertainment center, tall plants, or decorative screens.Instead of hiding the wires in the entertainment center, use the wireless network to completely eliminate the wires.If your entertainment center is not yet equipped with wireless technology, you may need to upgrade your device first.
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