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by:KEBO      2019-10-10
The spare battery in the residential alarm panel provides power when there is a power outage.It is located in the main panel box of the system and is a sealed leadAcid type, the most common is 12 volts.Check the battery regularly and install the replacement battery if necessary.
If your system is monitored by the central station, be sure to call the system and put the system in a "test" state to avoid police dispatch.
Find the alarm panel box (not the keyboard used to enter the code ).The battery is inside.
Open the lid.Most covers are fixed with screws;If it has a lock, look for the key at the top of the box, or capture-All the drawers in the kitchen.If you can't find the key, please call the professional.
Usually find the battery at the bottom of the panel box.Please pay attention to the voltage printed above.The most common is 12 volts.Note if the date is written on it.If it has been more than 5 years, it should be replacedsee Step 8.
Using a voltmeter set to "DC Volts", connect the red probe to the red terminal and connect the Black probe to the black terminal.The meter will read the voltage above 13 volts (for 12-volt battery).
Find the AC transformer.This is a 2-to 3-inch cube-The unit of shape inserted into the socket, usually close to the alarm panel box, or inserted into the garage door opener socket on the ceiling.
Unplug the transformer and observe the voltage on the meter.If it drops slowly for a few minutes, then settle down around 12.5 V or higher (12-Then the battery is fine.If it drops below 125 volts (12-Unit Volt), that's not good.
If the battery is good, insert the transformer and close the panel to finish.If it is bad, please insert the transformer so that the alarm will have a power supply before replacing it.Remove the wire from the battery terminal by directly pulling the wire on the connector back.Bring the equipment to the supplier and buy a replacement battery.
Install new batteries.Connect the red lead to the red terminal and the black lead to the black terminal.Write the date on the new unit with felt-Tip, or ink on tape.
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