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by:KEBO      2019-10-11
Professional jewelers and jewelry appraisers often use gold acid to determine the value of gold jewelry.When dripping on a particular base metal, different acids react differently to let you know how pure your gold is.Since gold is so soft, most of today's gold jewelry is made of some kind of alloy.Base metals such as copper, brass, nickel and tin make gold more durable and cheaper to manufacture.Knowing your acid test results can help you identify dishonest evaluation and gold suppliers.
Label your three bottles with the ingredients inside.First, write potassium chromium salt, nitric acid and distilled water on it;Two, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, distilled water;The third is nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.
Also label bottles 1, 2 and 3 and write the numbers on the cap.It's important that you don't mix up your hat.Mixing these chemicals in the wrong proportion can produce very damaging acids and gases.
Wear rubber gloves, goggles and masks.Put on old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or tearing.
10 grams of potassium bicarbonate salt were measured on the level.Join the first bottle with it.75 ounces of nitric acid and.25 ounces of distilled water.Stir with glass mixing stick and lid.
Rinse the glass mixer bar under cold water for at least 60 seconds.You have to do this between mixing each bottle of acid test.
Add 100 hydrochloric acid and 24 ml distilled water to the second bottle.Stir with a glass stick and rinse the glass stick thoroughly.
Add 3 ounces of hydrochloric acid and 1 ounce of nitric acid to the last bottle.Fully mix and rinse the glass stick.Most scale cylinders are marked with standard and metric measurements.
Put the three gaps into your nuggets and separate them.5 inches apart.Drop a drop of solution onto each notch.
Check the gaps.Pure gold does not change color, but brass will turn brown, copper will turn light brown, nickel will turn blue, tin and lead will turn yellow.Test each solution of different alloys;You can know what kind of metal combination your gold is.
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