how to desulfate a battery Why is My MacBook Battery Not Charging?

by:KEBO      2019-09-11
The MacBook is a great computing gadget, but sometimes it gives you some unpleasant moments, if not a complete nightmare!Below is a common problem faced by many proud MacBook users and insights on how to deal with it.
These are some typical verbal expressions that accompany your forehead slapping and hair --When you happen to meet the morbid revelation that your precious MacBook battery refuses to charge, you take the pull behavior.This is life-When even the love in your life finds it hard to always be by your side under your command, a non-living, non-Breathing gadget, which is made up of chips, wires and circuits, not meat and bloodInstead, bundle all your optimism in the rag of despair and throw it down with a bang!
Okay, I know-This is a bit of a frustrating exaggeration to start with, but this is what you get from someone who is constantly experiencing this kind of hardware failure in her life!Okay, fine!Complain!Let's talk about feelings now.Although the MacBook battery is plugged into a power outlet, the MacBook battery is not charged as a very rare phenomenon for senior MacBook enthusiasts.

This question.
Well, so you plug in your MacBook and take care of some chores, assuming your beloved notebook is fully charged when you're done with the task.However, when you leave, the situation is not what you think, because even though you plug in for more than an hour, your laptop battery is still not charged.In fact, it has not received any signs of charging at all!
Can be more than one.The most prominent possibility is that the battery of the MacBook is dead.If you have owned and used your MacBook for many years, there is a great chance of replacing your MacBook battery.In addition to widespread wear and tear due to long use, if you unnecessarily charge your MacBook, your MacBook battery life will also be faster than usual.e.No complete drainage.This can run out of laptop batteries faster for a long time and will require you to replace them.
Another reason why the MacBook battery may not be able to charge may be that the plug pin is not properly installed inside the plugin socket.Push hard into the plug, or try to use an extension plug point or multiple point plugs that are perfect for the plug pins of the adapter.Loose-attached plugs are often the common reason why the battery is not charged.

The connector or adapter itself in this case, the only option is to change it.When you plug in your MacBook, if the connector or adapter light is not on, you can easily find out if this is the case.Also, if it is a failure of the power management unit that caused all of these problems, resetting it should solve the problem.
If none of the above tips work and your laptop battery is still not charged, you can try to reset both PRAM and NVRAM.You can restart your laptop by turning off your laptop, holding down the option command p r on your MacBook until you hear the start notification sound.Press and hold the notification at least twice and release it.You can also try to reset the system management controller (sleep wake up reboot off ).Does the new MacBook battery not charge?Well, try recharging the battery correctly in the compartment.If that doesn't work then you may have to carry your laptop and battery, adapter, etc with you.To the nearest Apple Service CenterThe premise is that the batteries discussed are authentic Apple products.If you buy a cheap battery from a local dealer, it is likely to be a pile of garbage from the beginning.Hope to help.If not, call Apple for God's sake!
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