how to desulfate a battery Tips to Extend Laptop Battery Life

by:KEBO      2019-09-12
Low battery life or average life is one of the major problems facing laptop users today.Here are some tips to help you expand it.
Today, most working classes are using laptops.These portable computers can be used anytime, anywhere according to our needs.However, even if it is a laptop, it has its own problem.
One of the most worrying problems plaguing users is the short battery life.Although laptop manufacturers and brands claim to have long-lived laptop batteries in their models, they sometimes fail to meet expectations.
There are a lot of unobtrusive applications running in the background that consume a lot of computer memory and battery power.For optimal efficiency, it is recommended that you stop running such programs.It is also recommended that you uninstall programs that are not used or are rarely used.This will minimize the use of electricity.
If the screen brightness of the laptop is high, more batteries are needed.To save power, it is recommended that you reduce the brightness to a darker level.However, make sure that the text and pictures on the screen are clearly visible to you.
In order for the battery to last longer, you must not only make internal adjustments to the settings and programs, but also clean the laptop from the outside.Make sure you clean the battery with clean cloth and alcoholLiquid Cleaner.
If you don't use the Internet or Bluetooth, it's better to deactivate them.Keeping them unnecessarily will run out of battery considerably.Similarly, remove and cancel the functionality of all devices and hardware currently unused.
Always monitor the temperature level of your laptop.The hotter the laptop, the cooler the integrated fan will be.
Ensure that the laptop is used in a well-ventilated space;Rather than in closed places, such as under blankets, on closed cars, and not on any other soft material where the airflow to the laptop base is hindered.
In order not to let your work stop between the two, it is a good idea to keep a spare battery in your laptop bag.There are many other things that can help keep the battery running well.You should defragment your computer's hard drive every once in a while so that all features are smooth and take less time, resulting in low power consumption.
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