how to desulfate a battery MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Instructions

by:KEBO      2019-09-11
Do you consider replacing your MacBook Pro battery yourself?If so, then you can go through the article below and find some very simple MacBook Pro battery replacement instructions that are very helpful to you.
Apple has launched a new and upgraded MacBook Pro laptop range.They have Intel Core i5/Core i7 processors (CPUs) with long battery life ).These MacBooks bring your 3D gaming experience to life with a battery life of about 10 hours.These laptops are made of a piece of aluminum, so they are lightweight and easy to carry.The machine comes with an integrated wirelessN Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection, SD card slot and two USB 2.0 ports.It uses the Snow Leopard operating system (XV 10.6) comes with the iLife software suite program.The fast processing speed of Intel's Core Duo processor makes multitasking a breeze.This makes the MacBook Pro the darling of many Apple fans.However, many people are under the impression that the MacBook battery cannot be unloaded.Although it has an overall design, one can try to replace the battery.You can send it to the Apple store or replace it at the repair shop.It turns out that both options are quite expensive, especially at the end of the warranty period.If you think you can do it yourself then you need to follow some MacBook Pro battery replacement instructions.The following paragraphs of this Techspirited article will help you understand how to replace the battery of your MacBook Pro.
As mentioned above, the MacBook Pro battery can be removed and replaced easily.This is the cheapest way because all you need to do is buy a new battery and replace it with a damaged one.However, if you do this yourself, the warranty is obviously invalid.Therefore, this can only be done if you have completed the warranty period.Now, contact Apple's authorized service provider or Apple Online, or contact Apple's retail store.Ask them to replace the battery for your 13, 15 or 17 MacBook Pro.If you go to the Apple store yourself, you will get the same replacement.The battery received by mail or Courier takes about 5 days to reach you.Once you get the battery, it's time to start replacing the MacBook Pro battery.The following instructions will help you get started.
First, turn off the MacBook Pro laptop completely.This will help to avoid any damage to the laptop's internal components.After turning off the computer, wait for the laptop to cool down.Sometimes, the internal components heat up after using the laptop continuously.
Disconnect any cable or external device connected to your laptop.Now, put the laptop in a company that has no scratches, even on the surface.The laptop should be face down, that is, the lower side of the laptop should be facing you.
You will notice that there are two switches in the center of the bottom shell.Slide the switch to the back of the machine with both hands.When sliding in the right way, you can observe the red background below the switch.
When you slide the battery out correctly, the battery pops up from the battery.Remove it from the bay and put it aside.Be careful not to mix the new batteries with the old ones.Also, please make sure not to scratch the case on the battery.
Now remove your new battery from the package and put it in the Bay.Push it back inside by sliding the two switches behind it.Once in place, release the switch and keep the battery in the Bay.Charge your battery and turn on your laptop.Your laptop will function as well as the new one.
Follow these instructions to replace the battery as a professional.If you are not confident, it is wise to ask for professional help if you can do it yourself.However, with the simple MacBook Pro battery replacement instructions above, I'm sure you won't have any problems doing it yourself.
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