how to desulfate a battery MacBook Pro Battery Calibration

by:KEBO      2019-09-11
Your MacBook Pro battery needs to be calibrated regularly to stay efficient.In this article, I provide the MacBook Pro battery calibration program recommended by Apple, which is undoubtedly a useful reference.
The new MacBook Pro model is awesome and can't resist, the new Intel Core i7 Series processor, the new AMD Radeon graphics card, up to 750 GB of hard drive space, new Thunderbolt port and stunning overall design.Like a car, a laptop needs regular maintenance as well.If you are a new owner of the MacBook Pro, one of the maintenance tasks you should not ignore is "battery calibration ".As a power supply for the MacBook, it is critical to ensure that the battery runs with maximum efficiency.
The MacBook Pro has a newly designed 95 watt-hour lithium polymer battery.According to Apple's website, after fully charging, the battery can be viewed wirelessly for a 7-hour charge at a time.Thanks to adaptive charging and improved internal design, these batteries can last more than 1000 discharge and charging cycles.Apple has announced that its MacBook battery is three times as long as its average laptop battery.A big factor that affects the overall life of the battery is, of course, its use.
The battery needs to be used frequently in order to maintain efficiency.This is all about battery calibration.If you prefer to use a laptop that has been plugged into the power cord all the time, it doesn't do much good for the battery.Just like shoes need to be worn to fit, laptop batteries must be used regularly in order to stay efficient.
Battery calibration is not a profound ritual.This is a very simple program that you have to perform at least once a month.Here are the steps to calibrate the MacBook Pro battery.It also works for PowerBook G4 and MacBook models.
Start charging your MacBook battery with an 85 W MagSafe power adapter.This may take some time depending on the existing battery power level.Keep charging until the battery power indicator shows full capacity.Another indication signal that the battery is fully charged is that the LED on the adapter plug turns green.
Once the adapter is fully charged, do not remove the adapter immediately.In order to calibrate, the battery needs to remain in this charging state for quite a long time.After charging for two hours, keep the battery plugged in.At the same time, you can continue to work hard.
Remove the power plug after the specified two hours.After disconnecting, the MacBook Pro will start using the battery.Continue to use battery power.
After a few hours, when you continue to work, the battery runs out eventually and you get "low power" indication.Save the working document at this point and continue to use it.
At some point, the battery runs out of spare power and automatically enters sleep mode.You can keep it in this state until it closes itself, or it can close itself.
Now that the battery has gone through the entire charging and discharging cycle, you can reconnect the adapter and charge the battery back to full capacity.With it, the battery calibration is done!
With regular calibration, you will be sure to see an improved performance of the battery when it goes through a full discharge and charging cycle.Avoid always using a MacBook with a power plug connection and use it once in a while on the battery power supply.
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