how to desulfate a battery Laptop Plugged in But Not Charging - Troubleshooting Tips

by:KEBO      2019-09-11
How to deal with the problem of laptop plugged in but not charging?Read to find out how to solve this problem.
What distinguishes laptops from desktop computers is their portability and ease of use.One thing that makes portable operations possible is their rechargeable battery.
The laptop is no longer portable when the battery charge does not work.If the battery is not charging properly, it must work like a tether desktop computer.
Today, most laptops are equipped with lithium-ion batteries with an average service life of about 5 hours.How long the battery charge lasts depends entirely on the type of app you use it.To charge the battery, an AC adapter with a specific voltage setting is required, which is provided with the laptop.
There is a complex internal mechanism to control and monitor the internal charging of the battery.At the computer operating system level, there are software programs that monitor the battery status and communicate with the user.Let's see how we can solve the problem of laptop plugged in but not charging.

If the AC adapter is not working properly, it will not be charged at all.The AC adapter below the required voltage setting will not be able to charge the battery.Please make sure the adapter matches the necessary settings for the battery.Loose wires or internal failures may make the adapter useless.Replacing it may solve your problem.

Sometimes the problem is just software.This is typical, charging when the laptop is off, but not when the computer is up.The software may have been damaged, which can cause problems.
In this case, go to the Device Manager section and uninstall the power management software.If it's Windows XP, uninstall the control method battery list that meets microsoft ACPI from the Device Manager section ".
Please note that no other AC adapter driver software is installed.Then do a "hardware scan" that will automatically recognize the battery and reinstall the latest version of the driver again.This will restore the charging facilities of the laptop.

If there is no problem with both the AC adapter and the power management software, then the problem may be on the internal charging circuit of the laptop.In this case, there is little you can do but send your laptop to the manufacturer's service center.

Another possibility is that the battery is broken or dead.Run a test.If your laptop is old, this is probably one of the most likely reasons.Check the battery from the manufacturer and check if it exceeds the expected charging cycle limit.It is important that you replace the bad battery with a new one immediately.
If there is no trouble-shooting method, it is better to send the laptop to the service center of the manufacturing company for repair.The warranty is not valid if you turn on your laptop yourself, which means you have to pay for it yourself.So, unless it's a software problem, it's better to have a professional handle it for you.
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