how to desulfate a battery Laptop Charger Beeping

by:KEBO      2019-09-10
The laptop charger beeps for a number of reasons.Read the following article and find out the reasons behind it.
The laptop charger is an integral accessory that comes with the laptop.It is an AC adapter with a long cord that can be connected to the laptop to charge the rechargeable laptop battery.As we all know, this charging is essential to keep the laptop working.Most batteries are made of lithium.Ions, which are usually degraded as a result of heavy charging and an increase in the internal resistance of the battery, also known as oxidation of the battery.Similar to all electronic devices, there is no problem with these chargers.One of the common problems is that the laptop charger beeps and does not charge the laptop battery.Well, there may be a lot of things to be responsible.In an article, you will learn about the possible causes and solutions of this problem.
It is well known that the charger works on the AC adapter.If there is a problem with the AC adapter, the charger may beep.For example, there may be loose connections to any internal component of the AC adapter.In this case, the charger will only make noise when connected and in other cases will not make any noise.
If there is a problem with the AC source where you normally place the charger, this may also be the reason behind the beep.The problem may be on the internal circuit of the plug wiring itself.So you need to try the different plugs of the house to see if the problem is with the charger or electric fitting of your home.
If there is any problem with the circuit, then it may affect the working process of the charger.The most common case is that if the battery terminal is connected to an electric conductor/wire with a very low resistance, then it generates a high current.Therefore, cells transmit a lot of energy in a short period of time.
Another reason that may cause a beep is if you buy a faulty charger.You may get a defective charger when buying a laptop, which may not be intentional.This can happen to any brand and any manufacturer.Therefore, you need to check the battery and charger immediately after you purchase it so that any defects can be found during the warranty period.
Now that you know the possible reasons for the laptop battery not charging and the charger beeping, you also need to know the solution.First of all, understand the fact that there is not much you can do when you ask the question.The only option you have left is to buy a brand new charger of the same brand.If there is no problem with the circuit or power supply, the only thing you can do is throw away the existing charger and change to a brand new one.If your laptop charger starts to beep during the warranty period, you can do another thing.In this case, you can contact the dealer from where you purchased your laptop.You can also contact the customer service battery manufacturer directly and the need to replace the battery charger!These are the two best solutions you can choose from.
Laptop chargers are fairly cheap compared to laptops, so instead of risking the life and performance of a laptop, buy a new charger!
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