how to desulfate a battery Laptop Battery Test

by:KEBO      2019-09-11
A test can reveal the current state of the laptop battery and its overall health.Here is the direction of the test.
The portability of the laptop is achieved by its rechargeable battery.Therefore, the power problem in the device is inevitably linked to it.Before you fix the battery, to fix the power issue or replace the battery, you have to be sure that it is indeed the cause of the power shortage.Some basic tests can help you determine this.
Typically, lithium-ion batteries last two to three hours after they are fully charged.Of course, the duration of the charge depends on the energy consumption and the application that is running.
If you are using devices such as a webcam and a DVD drive, the power consumption will definitely be faster.The screen is brighter and more power is needed.With all these facts in mind, the battery life can vary in a wide range.
If the independent time of your laptop is reduced to a few minutes, then there may be a serious problem with the battery.In this case, you should test it immediately to make sure it is indeed the root of the power shortage problem.
You really don't need any advanced software or physical devices for testing.With simple logic, you can tell if it is really the culprit.Here are two tests that can help you determine the status of your work.
In order to test the battery, you will need to check its charging retention and voltage when fully charged.The trick is to identify the battery condition by simply eliminating the logic.An easy way to check the charging retention is through the monitoring mechanism of the disk operating system.It can show the percentage of your charges.
However, there is no internal trouble-shooting mechanism to identify the cause of abnormal rapid discharge.Here's how you can check it through testing.
Find the battery box on the back of the laptop, open it and remove the battery.Connect the power adapter for the laptop to work directly-Fed power.If it works fine in this mode, then your battery may be broken.In some cases, the battery may not be a problem, but there may be problems with the charging device, resulting in a decrease in charging efficiency.
If the laptop is still not performing well after direct power input, then there is a problem inside the laptop that causes the power loss.You may need to contact a computer technician or manufacturer.
Another thing you can do is replace the current battery, charge the new one and see what happens.If the charge runs out again, the culprit is not the battery, but the problem with the internal circuit.If the laptop is running well and the charge continues, then it is clear that your battery is defective.
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