how to desulfate a battery Laptop Battery Care

by:KEBO      2019-09-10
It is important to know how to maintain the laptop battery because we subconsciously do a lot of things that prove harmful to the battery.If you want your battery to last longer for 6 months to a year, then you should follow the tips given here.
This can be very annoying when you are in an important demo or complete a report and your laptop battery decides to give up the ghost.While in most cases you may have time to save your work, the disruption itself will cost you a high price.
Even worse, all your efforts will be lost if you don't have time to save what you are doing.While this is an annoying issue, if you are careful with your laptop battery, then you should never face it.
Of course, do not expect unrealistic battery time;Realize that even the best battery can only provide you with 2-Backup for 3 hours depending on the program you are running.Here are some tips to make sure your battery won't die on you in 10 minutes30 minutes.
Almost all new laptops have the option of dimming the screen.Some of these laptops also control the cooling performance of the CPU.Reduce these batteries to a minimum level to make the most of your battery savings.
When your laptop is powered on, make sure you reduce all the extra programs running in the background for no important reason.
When dealing with spreadsheets and listening to Justin Timberlake's new album, send an email to the customer, all of which use battery power and will leave you nowhere to go, because the battery is multitasking because it brings a lot of load to the CPU.Do one thing at a time and close all other unimportant apps.
When the laptop is powered off, using a USB device and a DVD drive consumes a lot of battery.Close these applications when they are not used.Even if the USB mouse is inactive, it will cause the battery to drain faster.Therefore, reduce the use of external devices such as USB devices, dvd, Bluetooth devices or Wi-fiFi will help improve battery life.
While the standby option does save battery life, it is far from the saved battery life when you choose the hibernation option.Sleep and save everything, turn off your laptop completely and save more batteries.
You have to clean the metal contacts of the battery every two months.Rub with soft cloth and alcohol to make it moist.This will help improve the power transmission efficiency of the battery.
Defragmenting the hard disk will make it work more efficiently.Efficient hard drives always work faster, reducing the load on the battery and reducing the consumption of the battery, thus saving the battery.However, make sure you don't defragment your hard drive while using battery power!
There are various options for the power settings of the laptop.Make sure that the power settings of the laptop remain in "optimized use" or "power saving" mode when using the battery.It will increase the backup of the laptop.
Adding more RAM helps save power.It saves power by reducing the load on the CPU.Another good tip is to turn off the auto save option in the Word and Excel MS when using the battery.
Try to reduce the graphics used by changing the screen resolution and turning off all fancy graphics drivers such as graphics cards.Mute the speakers.Close all scheduled tasks.Clean the vent with a soft cloth.When the laptop is low in temperature, it runs more efficiently and saves valuable battery power.
These tips have been tried and tested and are sure to save a lot of battery on your laptop.It also increases battery life if you keep track of them a lot.If your battery gives you an hour of backup time instead of the usual two hours, then maybe it's time to replace the battery.
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