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by:KEBO      2019-10-11
Convert Ford 8N from 6 V to 12 VThe Volt electrical system may not be as difficult as you think.First of all, you don't need to remove the wiring for this conversion--As long as the wiring is satisfactory--All you need to do is change the electrical components.There are many advantages to doing this conversion.In particular, you will replace 6-Volt generator with 12-V ac generator.The generator cannot charge the battery at idle speed or low speed-AC generator can.Also, you can put a 12-The volt battery in the Ford 8N can be activated in cold weather.
Remove the 6-Volt lamp and lamp assembly.Use a screwdriver to remove the lamp housing installed in front of the bulb.Press the bulb at 1/1/8, rotate a quarter counter-clockwise and pull out the bulb.Exit the screw that connects the light assembly to the tractor frame.Pull the assembly from the frame and disconnect the wiring with a screwdriver.
Remove the wire from the generator and regulator with 1-inch flathead.Remove the cable from 6-Remove the volt battery from your suit with the right wrench.Remove the 6-Remove the volt fuse from the fuse box by hand.
Replace the lights and components with 12-volt versions.Replace the 6-12 volt fusevolt fuses.
Grinding regulator stand, battery stand and generator stand.Weld the new AC generator bracket in the same position as the generator holder.If you do not purchase an AC generator with an additional regulator, weld it on the regulator holder.Weld on the new battery stand.
Check the wire for damaged sheaths.Replace any wires that expose copper.Connect the wires connected to the generator to the new alternator and the wires connected to the regulator.Reverse the lead on the ammeter by switching the wires on the terminals.If your tractor starts by ignition, connect the ballast resistor to the coil.Reconnect the cable to the battery.Your tractor has been converted to 12 volts.
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