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by:KEBO      2019-09-19
Sunlight is a powerful, never-ending energy source with a power of 1000 watts per square meter.How do you navigate it?This paper explores traditional methods of collecting solar energy for families.Do you want to save the Earth or do you just want to save the electricity bill?No matter which one, solar energy can bring you benefits.Understanding how solar works is the key to choosing the right system according to your needs.Even on cloudy days, the Sun contains 1000 watts of energy per square meter!This can be used in the following ways: the solar collector, as the name suggests, collects energy from the sun and then converts it into heat used to heat the home water or living area.They are divided into two categories: the way the plate collector captures heat is similar to the way the greenhouse captures heat.Heat is absorbed from the sun by a plate placed on the roof.This heat is then passed on to the tank and spread through your home in the form of room heating or hot water.Vacuum tube collector this is very similar to the flat plate collector because it is heated in the sun and transfers heat to the tank.In this case, however, the heat is circulating in the coolant tube.Heat is then transferred to the tank for later use.What are the advantages of this system?The coolant tube keeps the heat constant.So even if you have a freezing temperature outside, the heat in the pipe is conservative.Which is the best for me?The cheapest so far is the tablet collector.This is also the simplest installation.If you live in an area with plenty of sunshine each year and mild winters, this may be ideal, as the chances of solar heat loss are greatly reduced.Many have also chosen to install a system to maintain connectivity to the grid as a backup in case it is overcast for several consecutive days.Areas with low sunlight or cold winter may find evacuation tube collectors to be the best.Keep in mind that the coolant tube provides enough insulation to ensure a constant amount of heat, regardless of the external temperature.This is the most expensive way to take advantage of solar energy.Photovoltaic cells basically turn sunlight into electricity.Light from the sun is half absorbed by siliconConductors on photovoltaic cells.Then, this takes advantage of some electrons that become current.Now, you can power your entire home and gadgets by taking the current out of the photovoltaic cells.Due to the complexity of the photovoltaic cell system and the difficulty of installation, it is best to set it up for you using a professional.This has obviously increased costs.Conclusion if you live in a warm climate, you can easily find the cheapest flat collector.However, cold, sunny areas may require evacuation piping systems to ensure a continuous supply of heat and hot water.In an emergency, both can be used with a backup power/gas fountain.If you want to generate electricity for all or part of your home, then the PV system will be the best.However, this is the most expensive and complex of these 3 projects.Do in-Dig deeper to find out how many units you need and install it using a professional.
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