how does a voltage stabilizer work how does the universe start a steady motion? | warrior ...

by:KEBO      2019-10-30
I was thinking about this and I thought of a few ideas.If it starts with the energy of the big bang, it must have stopped in my opinion.This is also some puzzle that I can't get the answer.I built my own satellite receiver and I was surprised by the accuracy of the dish antenna.It moves a bit and you can't get the signal.Since my antenna is moving, I fixed it a lot of time and the wind moved a little bit.How does a satellite maintain its position around the world?Because if it moves 1 inch, we can't get the signal.How did scientists do it?Since you know to hold it somewhere, you are applying force to the satellite and it may move from that force.(Even if there is no wind there) I can't get the answer to this question.This leads me to the conclusion that if something is fixed in the universe, it is there unless there is some force that affects it.Instead, once an object starts spinning in the universe, it will rotate forever.Not sure if this is true.
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