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by:KEBO      2019-08-05
In the modern world, what a magical thing electricity is.We use it to power the circuit in our computer and make a perfect cup of coffee in the morning.Look around you and see everything that's using electricity now!Unfortunately, the way we provide electricity to all of our families is destroying the planet.
Electricity is generated by burning coal to rotate the turbine, and the gas generated by this process releases carbon dioxide into our atmosphere."It sounds terrible," but with the power of the Sun and the power of the Lord, it is an optimistic future.Huawei Solar is one of the top manufacturers of solar inverters that meet the needs of more than one population in the world.
Inverters are an important part of any solar system.The inverter converts DC current into AC current for all appliances in the home.In fact, Huawei inverters are at the forefront of new technologies that change the way we use electricity.
At present, they have 9 Global R & D centers and employ more than 2,000 top engineers to develop their "FusionSolar" inverter series.These inverters are smart, with a maximum output ranging from 8 KW to 42 KW due to a wider range of maximum power point tracking voltages.In addition, they are efficient and return on investment is faster than other models.
The research shows that Huawei can reach 98 inverters.5% efficiency, so it is the first choice for developers around the world.Still, it's not just the output that makes this inverter great.
The digital LCD screen is also very smooth and very reliable, exceeding industry standards, including natural cooling technology, to avoid system crashes while reducing noise.Finally, the inverter is just safe.DC disconnection is integrated for safety and easy maintenance.Type 2 Surge Protector for DC and AC, ground fault protection and residual current detection.
Huawei inverter is truly designed and manufactured for consumers, providing the highest quality products for the next few years.In other words, Americans today emit an average of about 18 tons of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to 50 kg per person.Carbon dioxide emissions are huge, but you might think, "Why is this a bad thing?"Simply put, it creates a layer in our atmosphere, and the radiation of the sun can pass through, but it will not warm our Earth.
This has led to problems ranging from climate change to the extinction of different animal species on Earth.Huawei is taking the necessary steps to pave the way for the future and provide a better alternative without cutting corners for success
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