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by:KEBO      2019-10-05
Whether it's protecting complex electronic circuits, home electrical systems, or high-voltage equipment, fuses can be found throughout the electrical world.What is the use of the fuse?Why are they so important?Let's take a closer look at the life and time of the fuse.
The history of the fuse is rather vague.There is a recorded history and evidence that the platinum wire fuse was used as early as the 1860 s, but it was not until 1880 that Thomas Edison was patented.One of the earliest uses of the fuse was Sir Joseph Swan, a British physicist.The Swan uses a tin foil fuse to protect the filament he uses in the primary bulb.19 th century, W.M.Mordy filed a patent for the first cartridge fuse.At that time, Modi was the chief engineer of the electric brush engineering company.His unique cartridge design solves the problem of generating an arc when the fuse is blown.
The role of the fuse is to prevent continuous voltage flow through the circuit.This may be caused by a voltage overload in which the fuse melts or trips, thus terminating the line voltage at that point, or by manual intervention such as removing the fuse.The fuse works to protect the device from damage caused by voltage fluctuations.
There are many kinds of fuses used today.From cartridge fuses in household air-conditioning equipment to small bus fuses in cars, they all have the same work ---Protection circuit.In some homes where the electrical panel is not upgraded to a circuit breaker (which is a variant of the fuse), the fuse can still be found.From TV and DVD players to consoles and stereo receivers, fuses are available for almost all manufactured electronics.In fact, any component that requires voltage operation is usually protected by an internal fuse somewhere in its wiring configuration.
On each fuse, there will be information about what kind of fuse it is.For example, most fuses will have information related to Amp Ratings, voltage ratings, manufacturer/part numbers/series, TimeCurrent characteristic and breaking capacity (breaking rating ).
When replacing the fuse, exact matching should always be used.If you replace the fuse with a less protected fuse, it will almost trip instantly.If the rated power of the fuse you use is higher than the fuse you remove, it can prevent circuit interruption and eventually cause fire hazard.
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