high frequency inverter Tasmanian innovators take part in UHack tech competition

by:KEBO      2019-08-23
Launceston teamxa0He won second place in the innovation hackathon in Tasmania state.
UHack is open to students and the public at the University of tazhou, allowing innovators, creative minds and problem solvers to create technologyA realistic solutionworld problems.
Garlitte White, Josh Cooper and Matthew White rank second in the open category of UHack.
Team expenses are involved in the competition.xa0Three days to develop software applications, business models, and promotional videos.
The work was then reviewed by a panel of judges.
Garrett White says their team has developed a new way to compress videoxa0Far morexa0The current benchmark ".
"This is the philosophy of our business.We call it video compression ."
"This has never been done before.It uses state-of-the-art technology.
"With our results, our worst case results are better than those in the first case of traditional [video compression.
Josh Cooper says there is a problem with traditional video compression methods.
"You have to estimate which data is redundant for an actual person," he said .".
"So, through the video, what is the visual feeling of people?What's important about this?
"An example of this isThe frequency details in the image, which is basically the way jpeg is compressedxa0They isolated the high frequency details and cleared them.
"Our idea is that we train a neural network to replace humans, so the neural network will observe the compressed image and determine the quality.If we use it, it will give us an optimization goal.
White said video compression will become a "huge industry" in the future ".
"Any technology that can save costs for the industry will make a lot of money," he said .".
"It's more or less what our project is going to do.
The team is happy to be second in the state and receive a $4000 bonus.
"We are inventing a new technology that is not very standard," Mr White said .".
"But they told us that they would change the standards for next year.
"It's fun. we enjoyed it.
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