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by:KEBO      2019-10-16
A key step in successfully using the law of attraction to deliberately accept your reality is to learn how to improve your vibration.But what exactly do we mean by "vibration" and how do we improve it?
Everything is energy and vibrates at different wavelengths.Our brain is a translation that allows us to perceive some energy, some frequencies, as physical matter.We usually get these physical frequencies easily;We learned to watch, listen, taste, touch and smell when we were very young.But there are many other frequencies that are not physical and we can still access.For example, thought is also energy.Positive thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency than negative thoughts.
If you put down all the negative and limiting beliefs, who are you really, your non-Physical, Pure Energy, vibrates at a very high frequency.In order to get into the body, you have to lower your vibration a little, and it may be a little uncomfortable at the beginning.This is one of the reasons the baby will cry (except for hunger, thirst, etc ).).They are used to the lower vibrations.
The negative and limiting beliefs you gain on your way forward further reduce your vibration.The lower your vibration, the less energy you have, the less creative and happy you are, and the worse you feel physically and emotionally.In essence, the lower your vibration, the farther you are from your true self.
Raising your vibration will bring you closer to your true self.But the thing is this: you don't actually have to raise your vibration.All you have to do is stop holding it down.You see, you, the pure, positive energy you are still a part of you, the material you are always pulling you up.Your natural vibration is very high frequency because of this constant pull, it will rise itself if you just stop pressing the vibration with negative and limiting thoughts.All you have to do is get out of the way.
But how?
Meditate.You stop thinking when you meditate, including limiting and negative thoughts.This will raise your vibration.While your vibration will not be permanently reset to the new higher vibration obtained in the state of meditation, it will not be fully returned to the state at the beginning of your life.It takes only 20 minutes a day, and your vibration frequency will gradually increase.
Do something that makes you really happy.Happiness and happiness vibrate at a much higher frequency than any other emotion.When you are in a state of happiness, you can't be in a state of frustration, anger, or frustration either.Find something that makes you happy, even if it takes only a few minutes a day, do so.Play with kids, take a shower, dance to your favorite song, kiss your other half as you did when you first started dating, play video games and more.
Breathe.Taking a deep breath slowly will lift your vibration.You can do this anytime, anywhere and you need a little comfort.
Take a nap.When you sleep, you will naturally return to a very high state of vibration.Your body and mind get some relief from all the heavy vibrations you carry.Even taking a nap will help you reset your vibration.You usually wake up feeling better than when you lie down.
Try to incorporate these methods into your day.Start slowly, slowly, slowly.For example, if you miss a day of meditation, don't hit yourself (it will lower your vibration ).Do what you can and choose the best way to make you feel.How do you know you did it right?You will feel better.You will be more relaxed.Things don't bother you that much.The world seems to be a little more beautiful every day.
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