high frequency inverter 433 MHz Active RFID tag Series Provides Long Read Distance

by:KEBO      2019-07-31
Toronto, Canada-Gao rfid Asset Tracking offers this 433 MHz range of active RFID tags.These labels are ideal for use in personnel identification and positioning, asset tracking, process monitoring, and vehicle management applications.These read-High frequency RFID tag series of only 124070 models, with long reading distance, low power consumption,-Anti-dust and water-resistant interference.They provide on-site detection of received signal strength signals that can assist in locating assets and provide a reading range of up to 150 m.They provide reliable RF signals and communication distances even in unfriendly RF environments.In addition, they have a battery life of more than 5 years.
The high-performance 433 MHz active RFID tag series belongs to the high-end general asset monitoring tag series.This line includes many featured labels such as 134.2 kHz lf rfid ear tags for animal tracking, commonly used to mark sheep, goats, or other similar animals;Solar ultra-high frequency Gen 2 RFID tags that provide reliable performance in indoor and outdoor applications with a read range of 75 feet (22 m) depending on the reader, environment and other factors );As well as passive temperature-resistant uhf rfid tag series on metal, which can provide accurate real-timeTime data collection for identification, tracking and localization of various assets.Please contact: 1-sales consultation-877 585-9555 ext.601 -Free (USA and Canada) 1-416 292-0038 ext.601 -Sales in all other regionsAbout High RFID asset tracking is known for owning one of the largest RFID tag and reader collections in the RFID product industry.High RFID asset tracking \ products have been widely used in personnel access control, asset tracking, logistics, warehouse management and other fields.
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