high frequency inverter 13.56 MHz High Frequency RFID Reader for Various Cards

by:KEBO      2019-07-31
Toronto, Canada-High RFID Asset Tracking (www.Colfield's trackingCom) provides this high-frequency RFID reader specifically designed to read various types of high-frequency cards.This high frequency RFID reader is ideal for access control, data collection, attendance and registration systems.The RFID reader with this model number 213005 provides customers with a simple and powerful solution that can reduce inventory overhead.It provides a wide range of compatibility and the ability to modify flexibly.It reads cards that meet the ISO 14443A & B and ISO 15693 standards as well as inside the Pico label.It utilizes multiple output interfaces including Wiegand, TK2, and rs232.In addition, the reader has an optional UID bit for the output value.
This energy-Saving High-frequency RFID readers belongs to the family of high-frequency RFID readers for inventory management.Other featured products of the series include UHF 902.75MHz -927.25 mhz Gen2 RFID reader with integrated antenna, providing power over Ethernet (POE) function, allowing power to be supplied in an appropriate mannerEquipped with Lan, no need for expensive AC line installation;L-433 MHz active RFIDSeries reader with RS485/RS232 available on standSingle mode or multi modeDiscard asynchronous network that automatically assigns "node ID;and 13.56 mhz HF handheld RFID reader for access control, postal service, warehouse management, logistics and personal identification.Please contact: 1-sales consultation-877 585-9555 ext.601 -Free (USA and Canada) 1-416 292-0038 ext.601 -Sales in all other regionsHigh-Tech RFID Asset Tracking (www.Colfield's trackingCom) is known for having one of the largest RFID tag and reader collections in the RFID product industry.High RFID asset tracking \ products have been widely used in personnel access control, asset tracking, logistics, warehouse management and other fields.
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