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by:KEBO      2019-07-15
The ultrasonic machine uses high-frequency sound waves and their echoes in the results to determine the size, shape and depth of the anomaly.This allows the various organs in the body to be considered directly in the doctor's office or clinic.
Display -This is the most recognizable part of any unit.When the operator manages the sensor probe (which we will discuss in the future), it then sends and receives data processed by the processor and the software.This data is converted to visual information displayed on the monitor or monitor.Image clarity depends on age and display resolution.
Sensor Probe -The eye and ears are detected by ultrasound.The probe emits sound waves to the patient and receives the vibration of the reflection.As fluctuations enter the patient, they bounce at different intervals depending on the fact of jumping.The sensor of the probe collects this information and moves with the CPU.
Central processor (CPU )-The computer processor, which uses specialized software to explain sound waves returned to the sensor probe.He transmits to image data or a series of images, allowing doctors and technicians to view the affected body parts.
Keyboard -Because this is a special computer, ultrasound is like a keyboard like a normal computer.This allows the operator to enter information about the patient or the outcome during the procedure.Hard disk storage-Like a normal computer.Sound, able to store information for later use.Information can be stored on an internal hard drive or CD-ROM or DVD.Information can also be stored and uploaded to the Internet in digital format, so that it can be used in the office or anywhere with an Internet connection.
Printer -During an ultrasound, the operator can print the image for later research, or usually leave the parents sick to take home.
Video recorder-Some ultrasound can record the procedure.This recorder specially designed for medical use.His memory of the digital frame provides a noise-free, clear freeze, and with other S-VHS (vhs or) record the tape.Like a printer, it allows parents to bring home a report on the development of their children.
Depending on the brand and model of the ultrasound, there may be additional components or options.Some vendors offer the choice of rectal and vaginal sensors, which offer higher resolution than conventional abdominal sensors.Because they can scan near the affected area, they can get more accurate results.The small portable machine ultrasound adds extra functionality, which makes them a versatile, powerful, and cheaper alternative to many doctors and clinics.
We should also mention the most important part of the ultrasonic machine, the operator or the ultrasonic technician.The ultrasound technician is a medical professional who performs an ultrasound scan for diagnostic purposes.Doctors and ultrasound inspectors come together from time to time.The accuracy and results of ultrasound examination depend on the education, training, skills and experience of the operator.In the examination, the more accurate the diagnostic information, the more accurate the doctor can be.The best ultrasonic equipment can be bought for money, and if you have the most qualified people to operate it, it will not be of much use.
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