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by:KEBO      2019-07-14
Energy is needed to make things work.Everything needs it as a source of movement.Heat is also a form of energy.When two objects are in contact, the Heat shifts.The heat transfer between two objects is called heat conduction.The object is electrically transmitted during heating.The induction melting furnace raises the temperature of the metal to the melting point by induction.Induction melting furnace is used in many processes such as melting, hardening, brazing, etc.
www.inductionheat.The United States is an online company that provides services for induction melting furnaces.We have different types of stoves, such as dual track, three rail and four rail.All of this is achieved through a separate power control.In order to produce high efficiency, IGBT technology is used in our induction cooker.It is found that the IGBT furnace can reduce power consumption.
In an IGBT-based furnace, hot metal is stirred using a high-frequency magnetic field.It is made of a water-cooled copper ring.Refractory metal containers surround the tubes.These furnaces play an important role in manufacturing.The material that is too hard can easily melt into the desired shape.
Thanks to a cleaner method of melting metal, many modern industries use an induction melting furnace based on IGBT.According to the capacity, the furnace is divided into several categories.Some of them have the capacity of kilograms, while others may have the capacity of tons.
The induction melting furnace we produce can be used in the following industries :-
Silicon smelting device for metal refining device of casting/casting steel mill.
Main features of induction melting furnace :-
IGBT technology (advanced) the furnace is best suited for black and non-ferrous metalsferrous metals.Because of the reduced footprint, you like the large working space.For a long time, the temperature distribution is uniform.The furnace uses excellent coil winding technology to improve efficiency.There is a magnetic shunt in the furnace, so the efficiency is maximized and the heat loss is reduced, so the rest of the furnace does not overheat.Easy maintenance of IGBT furnace.The furnace prevents loss of metal weight.The power consumption is reduced to a large extent with minimal thermal loss.The melting rate of the metal has increased and the production value is great.
We have lost a lot of satisfied customers who like these induction cookers.Browse our website for more information and contact us to purchase induction melting furnaces based on IGBT.
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