heavy duty battery charger Pregnant and prepared: What to bring to the hospital

by:KEBO      2019-11-21
heavy duty battery charger Pregnant and prepared: What to bring to the hospital
Pumpkin pie and thirtyFor a frugal mom, the five dollar lotion doesn't seem to be the obvious choiceto-Take her to the hospital, but listen to me.When you (or someone you love) deliver, what are the key items on your list?Some things look silly, but does it prove useful in the end?Thanks to the fact that Hartlaubs and Lelchuks are due soon, we are trying to secure all the important "what to take" lists for hospital delivery visits.The list is from the Pacific Medical Center in California, with some additions.scienceblogs.Don't leave home without it.Don't waste your time once you're eight months pregnantJust like I packed your bags for your hospital stay.Packing under pressure means you may forget very important things like toothbrushes and toothpaste.Instead of admitting the mistake, I took it out to my husband a few hours before delivery and pestered him to find some breath mint, stat.Whenever he says good words of encouragement in good faith, I usually ask him to step back so that his face (and breath) is not so close to me.Another obvious small problem: Know the difference in the number of days in hospital for vaginal delivery and Caesarean sectionsection.Our insurance is divided into two days and four days.That means your husband/so if you end up with c-section.Save for a trip home or go to Walgreens on the street.Just pack the extra socks and underwear.While reading materials and delivery classes told us not to do so, we were in a panic when my water was broken at 4: 22 in the morning.This led to confusion.I forgot to bring our digital camera and battery charger (for mailing photos only!) But remember to put a fresh pumpkin pie in the paper bag near the rest of our gear.I panicked when I saw Oscar moving the pumpkin pie back to the kitchen.“Nooooo!!That's pumpkin pie!” I told him."Why do we eat pumpkin pie?We don't need it.They have food there ."I made a face in the protest.The night before, we baked pumpkin pie for a party.While I totally agree to give up the party for obvious reasons, I don't want the pumpkin pie to rot and not eat in our place.I said, "eat pie ."“Mary!” Oscar said.“TAKE THE PIE!!!"I yelled and Oscar told me that it was impossible for him to convince me not to eat the pie.For expectant mothers, I cannot stress the importance of baked goods.That Pie gave me five hours of contractions, infernal anesthesia and c-Partial surgery (the baby was found to have been broken, which is why I "experienced the pain of two modes of delivery ).My main problem with nurses is usually, "is the baby okay?Then, "When can I eat ?"I had the idea of cream pumpkin pie in my head.It took me a day and a half to eat the pie.Of course, I provided slices for my friends and family, but only my brother and't forget to bring some cash.—Picture ID (driver's license or other ID) upon arrival at OB reception ).—Towels (car seats for driving )-Extra pillows with bright pillowcases so you don't put them in the wrong place --Powder or lotion for massage and back massage.I would like something that does not contain oil as I sweat and get hot during and after delivery.After a long search, I found Blanco lavender orange lotion in front of Provence.£ 13 $35.4 ounces of liquid, more than I remember spending on lotion.But it turns out that after my first post it was a relaxed and wonderful and decadent enjoymentShower delivery.—Hollow roll pins filled with hot or cold water for back Labor and/or socks filled with tennis.—Warm socks and slippers.Mary added: The flip-flops of the Old Navy are also very good.—Chapstick (most women find chapped lips during childbirth ).—Toothbrush and toothpaste.—Snacks for you and your partner (we recommend that mothers bring hard sugar to suck during childbirth ).Mary added: The Lemon Head is sugar free and works great.—If you all plan to use the shower during delivery, prepare a swimsuit for your partner.—Mirror (if you want to see baby delivery ).—A hairpin or strap with long hair.—Camera and film (check battery ).—Tape or CD player with tape or CD (must be powered by battery ).—A care gown and/or comfortable robe that opens all the way from the front (the hospital will provide you with a specially designed maternity dress if you wish ).Mary's addition: try low prices for Target, Ross, Land's End and Marshall on these items.Although Oscar joked that I looked like Alfred Hitchcock in XXL robes, it was perfect to wear a hospital gown as I slowly strolled through the hospital lobby.—Two nursing or regular bras and two cotton underpants.Mary's addition: the hospital may provide Maxi mat, but check it first.The first two weeks after delivery, you may need to wear a heavy-duty giant maxi mat.—Shampoo, deodorant, comb, brush and cosmetics if needed.—The telephone number of the birth of the notice and the list of people.—Not much money.—Stretch suit, warm blanket, hat, T-shirtThe baby travels home with a shirt (make sure the baby's clothes have separate feet so that the car seat belt can open the legs ).—Car seats for safe home (required by California law ).Mary radard and her newly born son and husband, Oscar veralong of the Chronicle Live in the Mission area of San Francisco.She lives on food, cooking and activities and enjoys reading and walking every day.Mary also writes on the SFist and her Jalapeno Girl blog.
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