hard wired surge protector A do-it-yourself solution for hot water surges

by:KEBO      2019-11-05
Q: When someone uses any of our three showers and the water is turned on elsewhere in the House, the water temperature in the shower fluctuates immediately.A few months ago, I saw a product at the end of "This Old House", "installed near the shower head, ensuring a constant temperature even when using other water sources at the same time.I think they call it surge protectors.No one seems to know what I mean.Can you help?You said a common question.Someone is taking a bath, someone is flushing the toilet, the water pressure drops sharply, the warm shower gets very hot, very fast.Toilet flushing is not the only reason.The washing machine can enter the washing cycle, or the automatic water spraying device can be started.Maybe someone just had a drink from the faucet in the kitchen.Whatever the source is, the reason is the same-Increased demand for residential water supply reduces the pressure on the system.In the old house, the problem may intensify, and the corrosion in the galvanized pipe further limits the flow of water in the pipe.Whether there is a simple solution depends on the type of shower control valve you have.If you're singleControl valve, it may be easy to fix--This is a problem with replacing the cartridge inside the valve.Repair will be more difficult if you have separate hot and cold valves ---You have to change the valve.We remember the TV show you mentioned.Ask This Old House, not this old house "."Tommy Silva, Roger Cook, and rich trivey called to help homeowners who needed a little professional help.In this episode, pipeline professional Trethewey is facing the same problem as you;Water pressure fluctuations.His solution is to install a pressure balance valve in the shower control.This is also called mixing valve or reversescald valve.A pressure-The balance shower valve is used to compensate for changes in water pressure.While it looks like any other shower or tub valve from the outside, it has a special diaphragm or piston mechanism inside it that moves as the water pressure changes, to balance the pressure of hot and cold water input immediately.Any licensed plumber should be able to do the job.Once the replacement parts are in hand, the repair of a single valve should take about an hour.This is also a willing thing to can solve it yourself.Double control is a bigger job and needs to remove the existing valve and replace it with a new single control valve.Some walls or tiles can also be expected to be repaired.If it is a single control, the first step is to determine the manufacturer.If it's a name-Branded valves, such as Delta or Moen, should be able to replace parts at any time.If not, you may be considering replacing the valve.If it is a famous brand, go to the company's website.You should be able to download the schematic of the valve.See how the valves are combined and decide if you want to take on the job.If yes, call the local plumbing supply company to ask if they provide repair parts for your specific valve brand and model.While average homeowners may be a bit uneasy about contacting a business that is primarily sold to the industry, our experience is that if you have a clear understanding of what you want, these institutions are most happy to sell you.Don't expect a HowOf course ,.A few questions of wise choice are OK.Change the part once you have it.Since each valve is a bit different, we can only give you a general process.Turn off the water first.Next, remove the faucet handle and outer cover to reveal the inside of the valve.Remove the cartridge and replace it with a new part.Heavy trim frame and handle.Then open the shower and have someone flush the toilet to test the work.I hope the problem of stress can be solved.
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