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by:KEBO      2019-07-07
Almost all inverters have the same function, converting DC power into AC power, and in fact there is no difference between solar inverters.The solar inverter is required because the solar panel generates DC power, so your updated fuel power system needs to convert it to AC-The voltage at which almost all electrical equipment in the home or office operates.
When you think of inverters and solar energy, it is important to recognize that there are basically two main types of solar systems.The first is connected to a grid, usually called a grid-The second one works independently and is not connected to the grid.This type of system is often called (off-grid).The two different systems use different inverters.
The grid-The side-by-side inverter allows DC voltage to be directly converted to AC voltage for consumption, or, it can be "sold" back to the grid.Of course, in these cases, the equipment must comply with the strict regulations imposed by the utility itself.An example of this is grid-The side-by-side inverter must produce an AC voltage in strict sine form.
Another key feature of the grid --The bundled version is for the safety of the technicians, because they stop running when there is a power grid failure.Obviously this prevents anyone working on the Web from getting an electric shockTherefore, the equipment must meet strict standards.
As we described earlier,Power grid equipment can be very different.For example, in the case of off-If the grid solar system supplies only DC loads, it may not have an inverter.It is impossible, but it is conceivable.
No connection to the grid network, offGrid inverters are subject to much less rules and regulations because they are not connected to the grid as the name suggests.Depending on its size, the PV system can consist of one inverter or more inverters.
Like almost everything, both concepts have their pros and cons.The vast majority of modern inverters feature maximum power point tracking, which enables solar panels to generate power at maximum capacity.The concept of the inverter is certainly not complicated, and there is nothing mysterious about it.They are expensive, however, and are usually very bulky, especially with higher power or industrial versions.
It is important to know the type of inverter you need, basically you just need to know a few points.If you do your research and know your stuff, you will feel confident about talking to a solar supplier.
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