grid connected inverter is it free energy with pv systems? -

by:KEBO      2019-08-21
Consumers may question whether solar PV systems can really provide completely free energy for all their needs.At any particular point in time, the sun provides enough energy to fuel the earth for many years to come.As long as the sun shines, the photovoltaic system can convert this light into free energy for our cars, homes and businesses.It is also a clean energy source that does not produce gas or smoke when producing the energy it supplies.The basic solar photovoltaic system consists of the following five parts, the first part is the actual photovoltaic panel.These panels capture the sun's rays and send the captured energy to the inverter.The inverter then moves the energy to the third component, the battery.When the sun's light is not fully charged for the system, the battery stores energy.The fourth component required for the photovoltaic system is the actual project of solar power supply.This may be a connection to the utility meter, or it may be a direct wiring of the plug and appliances in the structure.The Sun also plays an important role in the solar system.While some may count it as a fifth component, it will be there whether or not an individual can navigate it.When looking for solar photovoltaic systems, keep in mind that they are usually divided into two categories.These are independent systems and grid-connected systems.Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. consumers must determine which system best meets their needs.Networking systems have the potential to make some money for consumers.This is always an advantage.The system is directly connected to the meter box belonging to the power company.In this way, if solar energy does not produce enough energy, the power grid system of the power company will start and maintain the flow of energy.On the other hand, if the solar system connected to the grid generates too much energy, it will be delivered to the power company through the energy line.This means that electricity suppliers will owe money to consumers.This is the case with independent systems.It is an independent energy source, and it will not be linked to anything other than the need for the structure in which it provides energy.The battery is used to store energy at a time when the sun cannot power the system and for night use.
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