function of regulator Understanding Outboard Motor Ignition Components

by:KEBO      2019-10-26

Different from most
Knowledge makes repairs a little easier to understand.

Fully charged system.

Short circuit to ground is required.

Short-circuit the spark plug lead.

Magnetic motor switch.
Replace the part if needed.

Plug to the spark.
Their function will make things clearer.

Store and release energy together at the right time and in the right place.

Good indication of system and crankshaft position.
The magnet installed inside it makes it a moving part of the generator.

to the stator.
In this case, the coil is installed in the stator.
simple.The stator is still and does not move.

Ignition system working independently.
The entire ignition that allows it to work properly.
When the system should be on fire, the position of the crankshaft is in a way of communication.
Will be similar to the function of pick-
Angle sensors for some newer models.
The whole system is useless.

Need to change to compensate for the fuel that burns at the right time.
That's why time needs to be advanced or postponed to the correct settings.

There is a mechanism for adjustment.
What you are doing is accurate and needs to be set to work properly.

Idle or full throttle.
According to the configuration of the ignition device, the power supply group,xa0Take the lead from there.

ignition coils.
From the trigger.
The plug ignites the correct cylinder at the right time.
The function of the trigger, however;
Only output information to the power group.
More like the controller of the whole system.
It can include firing or not firing at all.

The real problem is caused.
Other components must work in order to work properly.

Pack and shoot.It may be a costly error to assume that the power supply is not good.
Buy any new parts.
Power the spark plug.
In order to make the spark jump on the electrode of the spark plug.
Raise the voltage to several thousand volts.
Ignite the fuel with the correct mixture.
As much as earplugs.
Other if there is a problem.
The positive lead is connected to the power supply group for its power.

Spark plus generates sparks to ignite fuel.Remember;
Defective components before replacement.

This knowledge is helpful for most repairs.
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