forklift battery maintenance methods to increase forklift battery life

by:KEBO      2019-09-26
The main drawback of any electric vehicle is the short battery life and it is important to ensure a longer service life.For every storage and material handling need, we need to make sure that our energy will never run out.One of the best ways to ensure that the battery extends service time is to understand how to handle the right and wrong of the power battery.The well-received plan for forklift battery maintenance will extend the unit life of the battery and help save the company's money.Some of the best ways to improve the life of the forklift battery are listed below: the terminals of the battery should clean the acid in the battery, because the acid will corrupt the terminals and leave white residue.This leads to an unpleasant appearance of the battery and also causes the battery to discharge prematurely.This residue is conductive, so the unit will gradually discharge even if the forklift battery is turned off.These batteries usually need to be maintained by cleaning their terminals with some alkali such as baking soda to remove the acid.Even if the remainder does not show up, the process should be done at least twice a week, plus the battery can be cleaned when needed.It is not recommended to clean these batteries by hand, as they may be harmful to the skin, so many industries use automatic cleaning machines to clean the batteries.These machines also recycle water to ensure that there is no harmful product entry in the wastewater system.Only charge them when they need forklift batteries, do not need to charge too often, according to their design, they only need to charge after discharge to 80% of the battery.Charging them before the battery runs out of 80% can cause the battery to lose its ability to withstand the charge.The best way to maintain the battery is to replace the battery only if it reaches the discharge point and further charges remain outside the vehicle.Contrary to the above, it is also important to pay attention not to overuse.The battery cannot be overused without charging.This also reduces the strength of the electric forklift battery.If the vehicle is allowed to continue driving if the battery runs out of more than 80%, it will result in a deep discharge of the battery, which not only shortens the life of the battery, but also damages the forklift itself.The over-
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