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by:KEBO      2019-08-10
Most of the time, for the human senses, there is no obvious change during prayer.However, this is not true at all.Many things are happening in areas that are invisible and unheard.While this brief discussion focuses on Christian prayer, it can be modified to apply to any system of faith.There's an old song, "Turn on your radio," and that's what happens when one talks to God (it's an aspect of prayer ).The prayer opens and the music rings.When a person turns on the radio (prayer), the radio enters the frequency at which it is tuned, and the radio station is heard by the person who has just listened in the radio wave (prayer-er).The human eye can see nothing, but because the radio is tuned to the station where the signal is sent, the human ear will hear the sound.Realize that the most powerful force in the universe is invisible to the human eye: electricity, sound, wind, gravity, taste, smell, reason, logic, emotion, feeling, will, laughter, and so on.In addition, another list can be written for things that ordinary people usually can't hear: those plugsIn a device that emits a high levelWill scare away the sharp noise of bugs and bats, as well as other similar devices such as led (such as when the electric shaver is charged), surge protector and AC adapter inserted into the wall, for example.Pray in the mode of acceptance, then the conscience of man.Dictionary.Com mainly defines conscience as "awareness of the moral or ethical aspects of personal behavior, and the impulse to tend to be right rather than wrong.\ "It can neither be seen with eyes nor heard with ears.Must be resolved with heart-Deep inside of people.The other side of prayer happens with the heart --In receive mode-This is listening to God.Like everything else in the universe, there are positive (speaking) and negative (listening) in prayer ).But, as mentioned above, listen attentively instead of listening with your ears, this is something that has to happen for the effective twoThe way to communicate with God.Similar to the prayers of quantum mechanics physicists, there is no doubt that our physical world (the world we experience with our senses) is like a huge ocean of energy, in the blink of an eye, it flashes in and out again and again.The conclusion is that this is not what seems to be reliable.This is the so-called quantum physics.In addition, these physicists have proved that thought is the construction and combination of seemingly solid objects around us!As Niles pole says, "No one who is not shocked by quantum theory understands it.Therefore, it is clear that prayer is effective in the quantum field.But the sound waves "set the stage" with the right music and the pleasant, relaxed lights can let things flow.However, trying to force something to happen is almost guaranteed that it will not.No, the postscript is "Let God Go "."Express your concern to him" is a form of release, because the people who pray will not let things come to fruition.Just pray, this is the work of God --Er, I believe it. Doubt is not allowed.Prayer inspires and organizes spoken English.Therefore, as an integral part of prayer, whether for healing or salvation, one must call something that is not (or does not seem to be) "like ".Instead, people should never call things as if they were not.There is no place in the Bible to say this.This is a denial of the facts.But from the day of creation, God speaks all things out.He thinks they don't exist.There is something in spoken language that will bring energy to things, because voice will produce vibrations similar to radio frequencies in the ether.But I believe that praying in the name of Jesus will send the word directly to God, and God will organize these vibrations into visual manifestations.Besides, if these words are passionate --As the Bible points out, the results will appear more quickly!
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