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by:KEBO      2019-11-20
Whether it's ready or not, the holiday is coming.This is the season for carefully packed gifts, holiday parties and sparkling Christmas trees.Usually, this is also a surplus for a period of time.Every year, during the five weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, the amount of garbage produced by Americans has increased by 25% ---An additional increase of about 5 million tons.Bob Lilienfeld, editor of Michigan, said nearly 70% of the garbage was buried.Reports based on ULS (use less stuff."If each family reduces one pound of garbage per week during the holidays, the total amount of garbage eliminated will reach an astonishing 0.5 billion," Lilienfeld said ."."The key is to be smarter about what we buy and what we do with it later.When you make holiday giftsConsider reducing the impact on the environment and give interesting plans.Call your local recycling company first to find out which materials are accepted for recycling in your community.Not all facilities recycle all materials, even those marked "recyclable."For example, gift packages, cards and cartons with special finishes cannot be recycled because they release potential hazardous smoke when burning.An ecology and a budgetThe friendly way to wrap gifts is to use recycled or recyclable materials that already exist in our home, such as interesting pages in newspapers, napkins or scarves.The possibilities of creativity are endless.Wrap grandma's gift in a piece of children's art.Put the gardener's tools in the pocket of the apron and tie them neatly in the flowerpot with a hemp rope.Pack the traveler's gift in Old Street or city map.Wrap dishes or restaurant gifts with colorful tablecloths.Children will be happy when opening individually packed gifts, but for adult gifts, you can keep the packaging to a minimum by packing them in a reusable box or using the remaining packaging and bows from last year.Many local retailers sell eco-friendly gifts, packaging and decorations.Look for products made of recycled materials, or those that can be recycled or reused after the holidays.Be sure to bring a canvas shopping bag."I think gifts and packaging should still be beautiful, even if they are friendly to the environment," said Earthly deligts a Stanton, San Anselmo gift shop.Gifts purchased there, such as medicine box caps and berets for recycled water bottles, and recycled paraffin candles, are all wrapped in dirt --With a friendly wrapping paper made of raffia, a string-like fiber made of palm leaves with a series of dried flowers.Popular cuisine is one of many shops that sell such decorations ---Prices compete with traditional packaging and bows."Most people in the environmental movement recognize that people don't want to pay more for something because it's recycled material," Stanton said ."."We have to compete with others.Now that the movement has become mainstream, we can make things on a larger scale at a more economical price."Dedicated to the Earth's Berkeley, Palo Alto and the Earth's sake shops in San Francisco --Friendly wrapping paper, decorations, gifts and home decor to give the holiday catalog a new life ---Color bow.While bows are only available on gifts purchased and packaged in sake shop, owner Paul Hirschberger says anyone who can use shredder can make them."Just put it (pieces) in the bag, put your hand in it, grab a pile, and tie it up with a piece of Rafiya in the middle ---You have a bow. "Hirschberger said.In the gift store in San Francisco, other packages include 1950 s-Era safe ($25) and countless baskets of wires and branches ($3 to $10 )."You don't need paper to bring a gift of packaging," said manager Arthur Leigh .".David Asman, public outreach coordinator for the San Francisco recycling project, suggested that when purchasing gifts, look for gifts that are packaged with the least amount or that are directly beneficial to the environment."Every dollar you spend in the store, 10 cents for the cost of the package," he said .".Consider the addition of hand-made products and gardening tools for environmental protection organizations, recycled materials.Or choose long-A lasting gift that benefits the environment, such as a solar battery charger (with battery) or waterSave on shower heads.For your other half, consider spending a weekend in bed --and-Breakfast (you can also go) or bike-Ride around.For children, create a "certificate" for short trips such as whales"Watch or travel camping.Help children integrate into the spirit of green holidays.In December, the Randall Museum in San Francisco was launched.School workshops where children make gift and recycled material packaging.The price for two is $6.hour class.If there is definitely a "new" gift on your list, please go to shops in the Bay Area with eco-friendly gifts and packaging materials, such as the world ware and nature companies in San Francisco and the papyrus store, location throughout the Bay Area.Or check the yellow pages under the environment, conservation, and eco-products at your nearby store.For holiday parties, send invitations on recycled paper or postcards.When shopping, buy in bulk, choose the item with the least package, and only buy the item you will use.According to Lilienfeld, reported by ULS, an estimated 28 billion pounds of food are thrown away each year during the holidays.Assmann of the San Francisco recycling program recommends decorating your home with plants, flowers and reusable materials instead of plastic ribbons or balloons."Rent or borrow items that are not commonly used, such as punch bowls or large plates," he said ."."You can also set up shared arrangements with neighbors for party projects that may only need one or two times a year.Use reusable dishes and utensils.And set up a highly visible area with containers for recycling bottles, jars and paper.After the party, compost the edible leftovers and give your yard a festive treat.In addition to improving soil structure, texture and ventilation, compost also increases soil moistureHoldings.Good compost materials include fruits and vegetables, flowers and coffee grounds.No-Meat, fish, poultry and dairy products are not broken down well enough.Compost will not attract wildlife if you use the appropriate technology.If you need more help, call the San Francisco city gardener League or the local compost organization.If you are one of the 50 million people who buy a tree this year, consider a live potted plant, or a potted plant that can be recycled or turned into a covering (tree planting often cannot be recycled ).In addition to being eco-friendly, there are many benefits to the living tree: it reduces the risk of fire, leaves fewer leaves to clean up, and does not require a tree stand.A living tree company in a state.Licensed nurseries offer a convenient, eco-friendly option: rent or buy a potted spruce, fir or pine tree and deliver it to your home in recycled red plastic containers.Boss Mark Kalesh says the company will pick it up after the holiday and plant it in lakes or Sonoma County."We didn't send any Charlie brown trees, only the top Christmas trees," Kalish said ." He estimated that he had completed 500 orders last year."If you want to keep the tree and plant it after Christmas, that's fine.We will even give you guidance on how to do it."Prices range from $70 to $225 depending on the size and type of tree.Clip in a tree with popcorn and cranberry.Make a paper chain instead of hanging metal foil, which must be removed before the tree is recycled.Other natural decorations include dried flowers, pine nuts, felt, leaves, photos, last year's ribbons, yarn, drawings, shells, sand and candy bars.If you do purchase decorations, then choose those that are made of recycled metal, glass, or paper.A company in Forevergreen, Minnesota offers recycled metal holiday decorations, twice for each:Created a $14 gadget to plant a seedling pine tree for the wildlife habitat in the chipova National Forest, the largest condor breeding in the next 48 statesWhen trimming the home, make the decoration and center with pine nuts, dried flowers and other natural materials.For outdoor lighting, look for light wire with parallel wiring.They have separate circuits so that the rest of the bulbs will continue to shine if one bulb goes off;All you have to do is replace the light bulb.This eliminates the need to throw away "bad" stocks.Select a bulb with less power.They are cheaper, consume less electricity, and are safer because they emit less heat.Finally, put all the lights on the timer in order to save energy.When sending a greeting card, you can choose a recyclable greeting card or postcard.Or buy greeting cards from local institutions that are conducive to public welfare.Save the card you receive and be cut and reused as a gift label next year.They are also a good resource for children's art programs.Or, send your holiday card collection to a well-used organization.St.For example, Jude's Children's ranch uses old cards in art programs that are conducive to child abuse.Jack, early San Francisco, founder of AllThe year of Merry Christmas lists more than 400 missionary groups, schools and hospitals (mainly in Third World countries) and welcomes the opportunity to give used Christmas cards a second life.Send yourself earlyHe will send the list.After the holiday, bundle the remaining cards, wrapping paper and packing materials for reuse on 1996.Alternatively, donate excess paper, fabric, packaging and bows to the recycling town of petaluma, San Francisco's waste recycling center, or the East Bay warehouse of Auckland's creative reuse.Treat it as a gift to the Earth.-Those who need help-This holiday.--All-Christmas cheers 134, 94133 puffy Street, San Francisco, California;(415) 781-1950 --Collection gift shop, 380 Branan Street, San Francisco (Third Street );(415) 546-9298 --Earth food at 701 San Anselmo Avenue (near Tamalpais Avenue), San Anselmo;(415) 459-1612 --Earthsake (located in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Berkeley );(510) 848-5023 --East Bay warehouse creative reuse company1027, 60 th Street, two blocks east of St. Pablo Avenue, Oakland;(510) 547-6470 --Forevergreen, 2 akley country, MN 56433;(800) 880-5450 --Papyrus (location throughout the Bay Area );(800) 872-7978 --Randall Museum, San Francisco, 199 Museum Road (near Roosevelt Road );(415) 554-9600 --Recycling town, 500 Meicun Road, Petaluma (near Old Stone Point Road );(707) 795-3660 --2088 Oakdale Avenue, San Francisco (near industrial Street) San Francisco city gardener Union (SLUG );(415) 285-7584 --San Francisco recycling program (415) 554-6193.Please request a free copy of the eco holiday, environmental shopping or travel guide.--Scrap steel, 2576 Harrison Street, San Francisco (near 22 Street;(415) 647-1746 --St.Jude Children's ranch 100 StreetJude Street, Boulder City, NV 89005;(702) 293-3131.In addition to the cards, it also accepts most other used items, especially household items and Campbell Soup labels.--Living Tree Company.6000 Locust ati Locust Avenue (two blocks north of Highway 116 );(800) 810-7463 --The Nature Co.(Stores in the Bay Area );(800) 607-7888 --ULS report (published in two months );(313) 668-1690 --World ware, 336 Hayes Street, San Francisco (near Franklin Street );(415) 487-
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