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Not all innovative people will be destroyed.The subversive is changing.Manufacturers and buildersTheir innovative ways stand out in other industries and provide great value to their audience.Below, we will analyze how the 60 key interference factors are shaken.The Harmon Brothers, known as the creator of "the greatest viral advertisement in the history of the Internet," are the brains behind the contents of shanty potty, purple mattresses and Chat Books videos.Their pioneering approach combines two very different marketing methods of brand advertising and information advertising to provide a unique and engaging video experience for the audience.The US news aggregation website is delicious and smooth. The US news aggregation website is enough to completely change the audience's consumption and share video content.Shooting their videos from the perspective of the audience, they introduced the world to a new type of social media video production.Freeman is breaking down barriers in the industry through digital signage, artificial intelligence and machines --Learning integration of more dynamic activity experiences.Blitz metrics is the creator of the "one dollar a day" Facebook advertising approach, and the Blitz metrics team led by Dennis Yu is top notchThe first layer of Facebook affiliate advertisers for organizations as big as Golden State Warriors has created a number of successful Facebook advertising campaigns.Head of the image industry-By solving the widespread diversity problem in the image, CreateHerStock has a highQuality, professional color women inventory photography.I will teach you to become rich, challenge the "drink less latte" mentality of other popular personal wealth management masters, authors and creators of l, and teach you to become rich, ramit Sethi uses impressive free personal financial materials and paid online premium member banks to guide users to debt-free and discover their revenue potential.Neil Patel has been named one of the top 10 mar keters by Forbes and is considered one of the most influential people in online marketing.His blog has provided business owners with valuable resources to increase website traffic and other digital marketing techniques, receiving more than 1.1 million times a monthGary Vaynerchuk, founder of Vaynerchuk, started working on YouTube and his YouTube business developed into VAYNERMEDIA, one of the most popular digital and social media marketing agencies.Through his videos, podcasts, and best-selling books, Vaynerchuk offers a tenacious, No.Nonsense advice to business owners of initial budding.Castlight health castlnight Health is breaking the island of HEALTH care and downloading an app at a time.Castlelight simplifies three different areas of healthcare navigation (benefits, engagement and care guidance) through an integrated application, providing flexible, mobile solutions for employers and employees, to ensure better welfare use and to help employees achieve their health care goals.LIMEADE integrates with a simple platform and enables HR to install analytics based on social activities, personalized challenges, and interactive learning-A large number of employee engagement tools and services to facilitate engagement and satisfaction.Kanban for TRELLO-Trello is a stylish project management tool that businesses, large and small, love to organize projects and streamline workflows.Integrated with popular tools like Slack, Trello makes work easy.Limeade enables HR to install analytics through simple platform integration and extensions based on social activities, personalized challenges and interactive learning-A large number of employee engagement tools and services to facilitate engagement and satisfaction.Total is the fourth largest oil and Fast Company in the world, and total is a leader in the transition to renewable energy and electricity.Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.Focusing on advances in nanotechnology, heat transfer and other key technologies, Hon Hai is committed to integrating mechanical and electrical innovation and applying it to areas of uncommon technological progress.UDACITY is affordable and Udacity students can learn all the types of skills needed for today's workforce.Calling through the WiFi feature, RING allows people to use their smartphones to answer questions that people RING the doorbell or stand on the porch.Crime Prevention and crime preventionStart with the assumption that someone is at home.Striped striped, instant set-up, easy-to-The use of the online payment platform has helped companies get rid of the complexity of online payment settings caused by coding and design problems.LANZATECH Lanzatech, who makes fuel and chemicals from waste industrial gases, does two things: helping companies increase their revenues from pollutants and helping save the environment.Prime Minister Assana project management.With its drag-and-Simple, built-in-In templates and powerful analytics, Asana simplifies and simplifies project management from small businesses to businesses --level clients.ALYFEWELLBEING meets the needs of organizations of any size through a personalized health plan, providing health guidance, nutrition and fitness programs.Alyfe aims at change, regards nutrition as the root cause of health and promotes sustainable behavioral change at the individual level to promote health success.OPTORO Optoro that helps retailers manage and process return inventory at the best price.Yijia Square has an augmented reality app where shoppers can preview the look of the furniture before buying it.The app sets Ikea apart because it helps drive sales more than its competitors who don't have the feature.As of today, KICKSTARTER has helped fund more than 3 projects.6 billion of all creative and independent projects.Advanced Thermoelectric semiconductor technology replaces mechanical compressors and thermal-Switching systems offer almost silent disruptive products and reduce energy consumption by about 25%.DOLLAR ade integrates with a simple platform and enables HR to install analytics based on social activities, personalized challenges, and interactive learning-A large number of employee engagement tools and services to facilitate engagement and satisfaction.KISSMETRICS Kissmetrics has surpassed the general, canned, package solution in marketing.Their marketing campaigns and analytics software provide answers to questions for each marketer --"How effective is my marketing campaign?"AWEBER Aweber's personalized email marketing software, educational tools and resources enable new and experienced email marketers to succeed.MIXMAX Mix Max provides powerful insights for marketing campaigns to send emails through analytics that measure metrics such as email open rate, click-through rate, and reveal who opened your"Write Now, send later" or its function-Clicking on the template can improve work efficiency and bring smooth advantages to marketing professionals.Jake Knapp of clique studios Clique OS presents a design strategy that is highly attractive, interactive and designed to influence the user experience and force them to take action.John Gile, CEO of happy meter, created a "frictionless way" to monitor employee satisfaction with simple cutsEdge technology.As a health coach, Jenny's personal and passion helps clients "upgrade" their lives by transitioning to plants --based diet.She educates, assists with meal planning and works with each client to reduce the stress of transitionfree.Her approach is tailored to ensure that every customer can maintain their new eating habits for a long timeHealth and longevity.JASZCZUK P.C.Lawyers who work with the largest and most respected companies in the country seek-After the TCPA collective action defense team led by Martin Jaszczuk brought a new approach, which is often not feasible in large companies.Sprout social Sprout has become a data analysis tool for the brand market to find the best practice direction for SOCIAL media and to measure marketing efforts and prove return on investment.TEMPUS Eric Lefhofsky and his team have established Tempus, the world's largest database of molecules and clinical data, while quietly working to establish a cure for cancer.Medlar manufacturing CEO Matthew Cook and his team at Medlar manufacturing are committed to developing new ideas through a passion for developing innovative designs.The brand image and story telling of historical factory is becoming more and more important in today's market.That's why Bruce windrudch, chief strategist at the historic factory, and the creative team helped businesses discover history and gain more insight into it.Interactive HealthLed by CEO and CEOBill Goldberg of Interactive Health LimitedBy working with employers to build solutions that suit the needs of their company and employees, the culture of workplace health is changing.Lyra health Lyra Health's proactive approach is changing behavioral healthcare through initiatives led by former Facebook chief financial officer David Ebersman.PROGYNY Progyny is working to become an industry leader in fertility benefits by connecting users with services, science and technology to improve the success of fertility treatment.DROPBOX 0.5 billion people use Dropbox simple but powerful cloudFile sharing service based.Enterprise security and cyber attacks protected by CROWDSTRIKE CrowdStrike.What makes them vandals?They are the first and only one to combine all the security needs with a lightweight agent CrowdStrike™Platform.With millions of tracks available, easy-to-navigate platforms and music for a variety of occasions, SPOTIFY is a leader in the digital music industry.TRULIOO Trulioo helps businesses verify people's real identity because authentication is now an important part of the ecosystem of e-commerce companies, financial institutions, online games and even social media transactionsGITHUB Github is a hub where programmers can collaborate and interact with each other in coding.Developers use this cloud service to build projects and share them.This is a great place to manage software related projects.Technical Oscar-Insurance companies are committed to making health insurance simple.Its registration process allows people to get an offer in a few seconds and allows members to see an estimate of the doctor's fees before a visit.SPOTT Spott is making it possible for people to see advertisers.In a program or movie, one can "click" the product, learn about the product or service, and then buy it there.While keeping it simple, Uber remains an innovator in the transportation and technology industries.AIRBNB is more than just a vacation rental service that has revolutionized the hospitality industry by providing the experience and giving people more control over their travel choices.DocuSign is the number one electronic signature platform. by providing a simple and convenient online platform to digitally sign various documents, DocuSign simplifies the workflow of online business.STARRY Starry is a home WiFi center that allows customers to control the internet via a touch screen.Starry eliminates the need for cable providers to provide Internet use.The 23 ANDME gene testing service can detect genetic risks and ancestors.Bright Health believes in the importance of building personal relationships with doctors and achieves "health care rights" by providing affordable health care and providing exceptional customer service ".STREAMSPACE and StreamSpace filmmakers can deliver movies directly to customers.No middleman is needed.VERO Vero, the new social media platform, has abandoned advertising and algorithms and promised to provide users with organic features.HOTSEAT is an app created for employees to encourage health through games and activities and guide them to better health.ZAPIER Zappier integrates your workflow application to help users stay focused.KIIP Kiip is changing the world of mobile ad marketing with its "time marketing" approach, which rewards users instead of annoying them with relevant content and coupons.Cambridge Intelligence AgencyCyber security companies help companies and governments analyze suspicious and complex data.Warby parker Warby Parker is a eyewear designer that eliminates the retailer's impact by delivering goods directly to customers.They also asked customers to give it a try before buying glasses.ZOLA Zola is a wedding registration app that allows them to meet the needs of married couples when they receive gifts and communicate in the app..Button {Floating: none;display: block;border-radius: 4px;background-color: #b00;border: none;color: #FFFFFF;text-align: center;font-size: 16px;Padding: 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