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by:KEBO      2019-11-15
Hybrid cars are now popular for a good reason because their drivers can run 50 miles per gallon.Plug-In a hybrid, when they go online in a few years, a gallon of gas can travel 100 miles.So how about a car that doesn't use gasoline and is cheaper than Toyota Prius?It does exist, but the problem is that it's allelectric -Therefore, it moves leisurely at a speed of 25 miles per hour.Historically, electric cars are strange.Looked at it for a while, and then died.Their latest incarnation appeared in 1990, when the California Air Resources Commission told automakers that by 2003, 10% of new cars they sold in the state had to be discharged --free.GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler and Nissan have all pieced together electric cars and rented them out to the public to comply with the regulations and then sued the country.The aviation resources board finally made concessions, and the automaker recalled most of the cars and destroyed some of them, which led to a public cry and a call called "Who Killed the Electric Car?"Now, there is a new attempt by electric vehicles --car field -"Electric cars nearby," or sometimes more accurately, "Lowspeed vehicle."There are more such cars in the Bay Area, especially green cars --car-Berkeley has a friendly climate.There, in the highest case of car sarcasm, one year-Old clothes called green cars are selling all-Electric Zenn cars are in a showroom on San Pablo Avenue, where there used to be a Cadillac dealer.Zenn (which stands for zero emission, no noise) is a Canadian product that looks like a cartoonist's vision for a reduced-size car.It costs about $16,000, only silver, blue, or natch Green.Since December, 36 green cars have been sold.Zenn spokesman Isaac Cronin said Zenn sold 250 cars nationwide in 2007, almost equivalent to that total in the first quarter of this year.Zenn's car is two.Seat hatchback approximately the same height and width as the mini seatCooper, but 20 inch short.In this era of soaring oil prices, the real advantage of it is that it is cheap to run.Running Zenn cars takes about 3 cents a mile, while the average cost of gasoline per mile is close to 10 cents, according to AAA data.The operation of electric vehicles is very simple: the wheels are driven by electric motors.No transmission, no gasoline or oil required.The company says Zenn cars have a range of 30 to 50 miles.It takes about 8 hours to charge in full.In the spring of 2007, green cars started, when Marc Korchin, who was an executive at a small company, suddenly realized.He just bought an electric car, and everywhere he and his fiancee go, "People want to know about it," Kochin said.People's attention gets so crazy that when they park, they end up posting information leaflets on the side of the car, letting people hold an electric car FAQ on paper.He recently said in the Zenn showroom that Korchin "started seeing business opportunities" and he watched potential customers double-check a bright blue Zenn Coupe and stretch out a yellow extension cord from the side.Cochin also expelled his gas.Occasionally eat on the highway and start driving electric cars for most of his needs.Some of his clients did the same.Eric Forth, 36, who lives in Alameda, bought a Zenn after seeing a Zenn on the street-"A car stopped and this cute little car said" electric "on the door and I fell in love with it soon," he said .".Fox says he works every day.His commute to the Oakland Children's nonprofit Action Coalition as office manager is about 10 miles.He said his monthly electricity bill has risen "about $10" since he started inserting Zenn for night-time recharge ".Visiting the showroom of green cars clearly shows the evolution Americans have experienced in driving the world of cars --The shift in gas for decadesThe world's auto-energy substitution for the new order is exploding.Korchin leases a small portion of the old caddie dealer service area, mainly to provide working space for other power companiesDaniel Sherwood, a car Major, made a landOffice business for Toyota Prius to switch to plugIn a hybrid car with additional battery packs installed.Unused part of service area-A long dark part of the huge service bay-is closed off.The concrete floor used to support a row of hydraulic lifts is now in ruins and the lifts have long gone.Just like the car that used to be on them.On the other hand, the big and heavy old Cadillac is enough to cope with the weather that could lead to the collision of small cars.With the appliances nearby, it's a different story.While almost every car sold in the United States has to comply with countless safety and emission standards, nearby electrical appliances are subject to legal restrictions, can only travel at speeds of 35 miles per hour or less without the need for safety aids such as air bags, electronic stability controls.Basically, front lights, brake lights, mirrors, reflector, seat belts and windshield are required for all nearby electric vehicles.While Zenn does have a door, it doesn't even need a door."What we are concerned about is that (these cars) do not have to meet the safety standards of ordinary vehicles," said Russ Kumar, spokesman for the Institute of Highway Safety Insurance, which often collides with new cars, look at the performance of their passengers in the real world."These vehicles won't even match small cars like Honda Civic, let alone pickup trucks and SUVs outside."If there are any numbers of these vehicles, we have to do some crash tests," Reid said ."They have never really caught up, but now, they have surfaced as gas prices rise.However, the free and open source software said he did not feel particularly threatened when driving Zenn in East Bay."I'm 25 miles an hour," he said .""If I have an accident, I don't feel in danger unless someone deliberately drills through me.The accident is more serious at a higher speed."To watch the video of the Zenn neighbor electric car, go to Korchin, owner of Green Motor Company, Berkeley, CaliforniaDrive a new Zenn car in Berkeley on Wednesday, July 23, 2008.The photo was taken by Kim comenich/Chronicles arc Korchin, owner of green cars in Berkeley, California.Drive a new Zenn car in Berkeley on Wednesday, July 23, 2008.
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