electric car inverter Lucid Motors unveils new electric car to challenge Tesla

by:KEBO      2019-11-15
Chief Technology Officer Peter Rolinson introduced the new sober luxury electric vehicle in Fremont, California.Wednesday, December.14, 2016.Chief Technology Officer Peter Rolinson introduced the new sober luxury electric vehicle in Fremont, California.Wednesday, December.14, 2016.On Wednesday, Lucid Motors released a stylish, luxurious, and fast-moving prototype of a luxury electric sedan with an astonishing resemblance to the car it aims to challenge --Tesla's Model SThere are good reasons.Peter Rawlinson, who led Tesla's development of Model S, now serves as chief technology officer for Lucid.The 300-The personal company based in Menlo Park has more than a few Tesla alumni.After years of working in stealth mode, Lucid finally showed off its car at a ceremony at the Fremont workshop, not far from the Tesla plant.While none of Lucid's executives mentioned their competitors on the Nimitz Highway, the cars they showed had many of the same ideas behind Tesla's popular cars --There are some new turning points.Indoor sports, for example, is a ridiculous leg space, which is the result of re-movementThe motor and suspension components are designed and retracted so that the rear seat can actually be tilted back.Each headlight is a narrow band consisting of 10 separate LED lights, each with 4,870 small lenses inspired by fly eyes.The lights turn along the path of the car.Lucid plans to start producing cars at the company's $0.7 billion plant in Arizona in 2018.The car, known as the Lucid Air, will have all the sensors and computing power you need to drive yourself.But its manufacturers also want it to be a pleasure to drive a car."We need to make the most of the upcoming innovations, the convergence of this technology --Autonomous (driving), interconnected, carpooling --"We need to take this and incorporate everything we love and love into the car," said Derek Jenkins, an old Mazda veteran who is now vice president of design at Lucid.Lucid Air is expected to cost more than $100,000, and a special version could cost as much as $160,000.A spokesman said the company began accepting $2,500 in deposits on Wednesday and hopes to provide a cheaper version in the future.This is comparable to some of Tesla's models, which could cost more than $100,000.Many of Tesla's features do remind people of it.In a test drive of a prototype of Lucid, acceleration easily puts two passengers back in their seats, and the company says the finished product should be able to jump from 0 to 60 mph in 2 hours.5 seconds.Like Tesla's X-SUV, the air also has a glass canopy that makes the interior feel bigger than it is now.Then there are front and rear suitcases, smooth faces and door handles that are flush with the door until it is needed --All Classic Tesla has its own charm."What we want is something that is long, low, smooth, and can really pierce the air," Jenkins said ."."It's like a liquid --Metal aestheticsTwo electric motorsOne front, one behindAccording to the company, the car should be powered by 1,000 horsepower.Each motor designed by Lucid is compact enough to fit comfortably under someone's arm.There will be 100 cars in this car.KWh battery packs over 300 miles.Optional 130-The KWh battery pack will charge the car 400 miles further than any other electric vehicle.Rolinson described the car as inspired by an executive jet."Our vision is how to capture this inviting experience on a four-wheel drive road --What will the executive plane look like on the road?” he said."Is it possible?"The car has also been designed to integrate all the technology needed to self-drive from scratch.The smooth front and rear dark plastic board hides the camera, radar and lidar needed by the car to sense the surrounding environment.However, Jenkins says the car may not have a complete selfDriving ability at launch.This may be covered in a later software upgrade.Lucid has yet to say exactly how much money it has received, but Crunchbase estimates the startup has raised $0.131 billion so far.A sober spokesman said the company may need to raise more money next year.Luxury electric cars are certainly an expensive business.So far, Tesla has achieved only two profitable quarters.And decide the future directly.Another luxury electricSouthern California-based car start-upOn November, it appeared that there was already a cash shortage after the Nevada factory suspended its work.But Lucid executives say the time is ripe to rethink cars --Start from scratchElectricity, internet connectivity and self-driving are all likely to make cars that are completely different from the ones that large automakers have spent a century perfecting."Companies like Lucid can revisit the way vehicles are conceived, the way they are laid out, and the energy that drives them," said Zak Edson, marketing director .".
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