electric car inverter Electric Cars Can Now Use Carpool Lanes

by:KEBO      2019-11-15
Will Beckett, director of information technology at HP Packerd legal, looks like a sticker authorizing clean air vehicles to be in high occupancy (HOV) together with a man, China drove on an electric car that his mother had for three years.The photo of the Chronicle of Adam Traum leswell Beckett, director of information technology at Hewlett Packard's legal department, looks like a sticker, authorize clean air vehicles to drive on high occupancy vehicles (ho was driving on an electric vehicle that his mother had for 3 years.Adam trom les 2000 chronicles photo-07-04:00:00 PDT Bay Area--Sometime this week, Mike Cobb will drive his car to Highway 101, across the back-to-backIncrease traffic and drive into carpool--Even though he drove aloneThe peninsula's software engineer is not a sneer, nor an angry single driver, who is tired of sitting in traffic when the carpooling man roared past.He's owner.Kobb and other drivers were low as of July 1Emissions cars powered by power or compressed natural gas are welcome to join the carpooling of diamond lanes, even if they are driven alone.Electric-Owners say they appreciate the opportunity to take some time out of their commute and escape from the station --and-The traffic blocked their batteries.But many say the biggest benefit of living in diamond lane is the opportunity to promote vehicles that don't burn gasoline."It's a good advertisement to clean the air and clean the car," said Kobb, who drove the silver car.Blue metal General Electric vehicle1."It's like a sign that says, 'If you drive this car, you'll be here."It's easy to find electric cars on carpooling tracks, although many cars are similar to gasoline --powered models.To get into Diamond Lane, electric-The owner is required to obtain a special permit from the motor vehicle department and put a considerable identification label on the rear bumper and rear fender.The black-and-There is a round white sticker with wings on the right that says "(diamond) enter California clean air car OK" with the state sign and registration number on it."These $8 decals started appearing on electric vehicles in the Bay Area late last week.But don't expect to see shiny electric cars jam carpooling lanes.Only 2,500 electric cars and a similar amount of natural gasFuel cars in businessCalifornia has its own fleet.About 2,000 cleanLuna salver, spokesman for the air quality management area in the Bay Area, estimates that fuel vehicles in the Bay Area are eligible to use diamond lanes under the new law.Alternative-If the Caltrans study finds that fuel vehicles are reasonable, access to particularly crowded diamond lanes may be prohibited.So far, however, none of the state's carpooling lanes, including 270 miles in the Bay Area, have been banned.This new law similar to Arizona is in line with California's efforts to promote use ---And production--Clean the vehicle.The state stipulates that by 2003, automobile manufacturers must produce and sell a certain amount of zero.Discharge vehicles.Automakers have urged the California Aviation Resources Board to relax or cancel the authorization, claiming that the Californian are not interested in electric vehicles, which rent about $500 a month.Car manufacturers only rent vehicles, not sell them.Electric-The owner disagreed, claiming there was a lot of demand, but it was almost impossible to find anything that could be leased.GM, Ford, Daimler, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda are all bragging about electric cars at the moment, but fans of electric cars say they can't find them."I'm getting frustrated," said Will Beckett, president of the Silicon Valley Electric Vehicle Association ."."More and more people come to me and say, I want you to buy one for me, but I can't."It took Kobb months, and a lot of persistence, to get his electric car.1.On April 1999, he called the Saturn dealer in Daley city and booked a test drive as needed.He was allowed to cruise within the block but could not cruise on the highway.Kobb decided to rent the car, but first had to fill out an application to verify that he lived in a geographic area and had the income to pay the monthly fee.He was qualified and the dealership put him on the waiting list."They said they didn't know when it would be like that," recalls Kobb ."."It turned out to be eight months."On December, a GM representative went to the Belmont home of Kobb, installed the charger in his garage, and turned the car over, a smooth twoPassenger model for aerodynamic design."If you can go to the dealer, kick the tires, drive away in a car, how many people are willing to try (electric car )?" Beckett said.Availability is not the only obstacle electric vehicles need to overcome when driving public demand.Many gasoline driversThe fuel car is scared away by the high price, and it can travel with limited mileage before the electric car needs to be charged.Electric-Car fans say both are perceived problems.While the cost of renting an electric car is high, there is little maintenance and no need to go to a gas station.Cheap charges--Or free use at public charging stations-These vehicles are expected to be used for several years longer than gasoline.powered models.Beckett said: "Yes, you paid a little more in front of you, but if you consider more than 200,000 miles or more, you get a deal.There are other options.Many power companies in the Bay AreaOwner driving conversion--Gasoline from the pastThe electric model of the battery pack and motor has been modified.David Kohler, president of the Bay Area Action electric vehicle project, drove a modified 1978 MG Midget, which cost about $6,000 with the help of a friend.Some models can even use the conversion kit.But the biggest obstacle to convincing skeptics to try electric cars may be that you don't think you can go far without parking and charging.The range of electric vehicles varies depending on their model, battery type, speed of the car, terrain traveled, and even weather.But most people can travel at least 60 miles between charging and some charging, such as electric cars.You can walk 140 miles.Electric car fans say this is enough for most commuters.Beckett advises drivers to check their odmeter every day for two weeks and record the distance they travel.Most commuters travel 30 to 40 miles a day, he says, and only travel a few times a year."People don't need 300-"One Mile gas tank," he said."Why not rent a car (long trip) and keep an electric car for 90% of the trip?" Electric-Car supporters hope their newly discovered access to the diamond lane will win some converts eager to cut their commute.On Thursday morning, the Peninsula and South Bay power group-Car enthusiasts will take a quiet convoy from Palo Alto to San Jose in the carpool lane of Highway 101."This is a great way to encourage people to use zero --"Emissions cars," Coale said of the new law."The way traffic is done these days, and the ability to get into the carpooling lane of the vehicle will be an incentive.
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