double a battery charger laptop buying guide – part 4 -

by:KEBO      2019-09-26
Battery: today's laptop battery is lithium batteryIon, commonly known as li-on.The most important thing about batteries is amps every hour.Ah shows the ability of amp to move within an hour.The level of this unit determines the time of use of a laptop with a battery.Of course, the power requirements of the laptop will affect the life of the battery.This is because some laptops (multimedia laptops with heavy configuration) have 2-In some other laptops (especially those with small screens or SSD), the battery can be used for up to 8 hours even if they all use the same battery.In addition, most laptop brands offer an additional accessory option called dual batteries, which provides two amps of current per hour compared to regular batteries.Graphics processor: This issue is more suitable for HD movie watchers, video editing, graphic designers, professional level photo editing, and of course for gamers.There are two main graphics card chip manufacturers;ATI and Nvidia.Whichever one you choose, if you want to have high graphics processing capacity and speed, you need to know how much memory your graphics card has.Most laptops use a graphics card with shared memory (used from RAM as needed, most up to 2 GB), which cannot be used as a player's purpose, and gamers do not need to integrate the graphics card.They can't run most of the 3D games and the game will run slowly even if they run them.In addition, there are different types of random access memory in the graphics card, such as G3.If your laptop graphics card has a high level of memory then you can do most of the things you want to do.Of course, this configuration can meet your budget and needs.Optical Drive (DVD, Blu-Ray readers): The most important thing when it comes to light drives is to know what you need.Do you want to play DVD, hd dvd or Blu-Ray DVD?The speed of reading and writing of laptops is not important, and the optical drivers of most laptops are slower than desktop computers, keep this in mind.USB ports and additional connection points: Please be careful with the number of USB ports and versions of your laptop.At least three USB ports are ideal and more are welcome.USB 2.0 is the latest version, check if your laptop has this fast data transfer standard.In some laptops, only one of the three USB ports is 2.Version 0, the rest are old types, pay attention to thisEven USB 2, taking into account the needs of external hard drives.0 data transmission speed is not satisfied.If your hard drive is supported by eSata, you can't use it, which is a big loss for you.Because the eSata connection is much faster than the USB.That's why you prefer a laptop with USB 2.0/eSata convertible port or independent eSata port.The HDMI output allows connection to an external display device.HDMI is the latest video connection technology to transmit display data digitally.Another feature of HDMI is that it also transmits audio data.Like USB, there are different versions of HDMI.Be careful when purchasing a laptop with HDMI port 1.3 is the latest version.
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