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by:KEBO      2019-07-29
Servo regulators are used in home and industrial applications to manage voltage fluctuations and other electrical hazards.These electrical hazards cause damage to electrical appliances and machinery.They reduce work efficiency and damage the service life of electrical appliances.It runs at low energy consumption and provides better performance through your precious machine.The main working application of the servo regulator is to provide a constant power supply while reducing the risk of breakdown when the voltage fluctuates.

The electrical equipment is designed to provide comfort and allows for a wide range of input voltages.However, if the supply of voltage is higher than required, the equipment running on the power will consume more power.
While making the situation worse, there are many types of electrical hazards that can cause damage to the machinery :-
Spikes -
It is a high but rising in the moment of the voltage supply.It originated from the power grid and it can cause damage to your appliance as well as short circuit or failure.But the chance of hitting the spike is small, because the electricity has a good isolation from the ground medium.
Surges -
This is a sudden increase in voltage that lasts 1/20 seconds.Mainly due to heavy use-Load motors or electrical appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators.When these devices are turned off, the increased voltage will dissipate through the power cord.
Line Noise -
Due to electrical components such as vacuum cleaners, televisions, digital audio components, there are many subtle forms of line noise.When a ground or neutral impact occurs.
Power Failure -
Failure occurs primarily when any loss lasts more than 1/120 seconds.Equipment damage and failure caused by power failure.

These electrical hazards are caused by reduced work efficiency, loss of life, slow operation process, and extended process time.Servo regulator manufacturers designed the product to address all electrical hazards while improving equipment efficiency.It can operate at low power consumption to avoid equipment failure and loss of work efficiency.
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