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by:KEBO      2019-09-12
The design of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is a pleasant change because it brings a brand new design to the ThinkPad series, which is well justified.The new design covers the laptop with a rubber-like covering that feels soft.The new look of the ThinkPad is very clean and covers the battery with fewer visible ports as they are all covered with new coverage, bringing a brand new, cleaner look to the laptop.The inside of the laptop is equally beautiful and has an island-style keyboard with an end-to-end Corning Gorilla Glass that is scratch-resistant.Configuration options the new ThinkPad X1 starts at $1400 and can easily get you the best performance in the market, like 4 gb ram and MAX turbo 2.Intel Core i5-5 GHz2520M.When it comes to hard drives, you get 320 GB of 7, 200rmp, fast.However, you can always add an Intel Core i7 CPU with 8 gb of RAM for $150.The laptop also comes with pre-loaded software such as web conferencing, which allows you to control the settings of the webcam and mouse and allows you to reduce the noise generated by the keyboard.The input/output Lenovo's new model of Speaker is equipped with Dolby sound, which is located under the palm and has a large volume.Speakers are good for business laptops, and the quality will improve if you connect headphones, and the effect will be better.The USB 3.The included Port 0 is also an added advantage along with 1 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 2.0/eSATA and SD card slots.The lack of dedicated graphics cards for performance is a step back, but not a major one, as commercial users may not be interested in using laptops for games.The best possible is that they might try some strategy-based games, which should be good for Intel integrated graphics HD 3000.The battery life of the laptop is not as good as you would like, however, running the laptop for 3 hours and then going back to the power supply may not be that big a problem.Lenovo also offers you another $150 battery add and add options.So if you look at it from the bottom line, it's a powerful laptop with the option of having a battery level below average or paying for 5 hours.Battery backup.
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