dc to ac power inverter for car The Rectenna for Remote Fuelling

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For AC electrical requirements.

This is everything around us.Rectenna allows an aircraft with a significantly reduced quality, which is essential for aircraft and space vehicles launched by the Earth.

Boats and planes.
Rectennas do not need to be complex, nor do they need to be decomposed and faded, which has always been a problem in the past when the gigahertz and tahertz models are used to harvest short-wave lengths.

technology.The antenna based on this concept is not unreasonable because experiments have been carried out and they have successfully imitated in the field of dealing with solar and infrared wireless technologies.These new rectennas Harvest FM bandwidth and provide a continuous source of energy.Typically, in the past, rectennas received power from the microwave portion of the spectrum.The principle is to harvest and store this by converting capacitors and/or batteries into electricity.In series = coupled in parallel, the power can be increased or DC up-Converter to increase the voltage.
So far, the best choice for the antenna determined by experiments is the Sierpinski triangular fractal design.For arbitrary polarized waves with wide spectral content, there is a new way to construct an effective rectenna array.

approach.This method has been used to correct the dense array grid and self-polarization of two orthogonal linear polarization.A similar spiral array with alternating circular polarization of the right and left hands.

antennae.Experiments have been carried out in the range of 4 to 15 volts, but as long as the diode is selected to match the output voltage, there is no problem to enlarge it to a higher voltage.

The antenna itself must be incorporated into the array in order to cover all the output parts of the antenna.
One smart aspect of this design is that if one of the diodes fails, the current will automatically redirect through the antenna and the still operable part of the diode.This redundancy is critical, especially for space missions.The fractal antenna is integrated into the circuit board, which is common in modern electronic products.

.In retrospect, the basic design of the antenna is the fractal, and we now give a basic description.

More or less it looks like a larger part, and a small input can have a significant impact.The fractal also tells us some of the nature of chaos, or the chaos we used to think of, but is now considered a more complex form of order in some cases.The basis of fractal generation is pre-Calculus and plural theory.

And self-imitation
Early fractal theory, which is what we will take advantage of in this case, as Cantor envisions the development of geometric problems, it develops to divide a line into three lines and remove the third line in the middleThe two remaining parts at both ends are further divided into three parts, and the middle part is removed, which is repeated in recursion until he finally gets a cantor set, or what we usually call Fractal dust now.Recursive calculation can achieve the degree of virtual invisible.This is what will be used later beforeCalculus: use a combination of real and imaginary numbers to draw complex maps.The same concept can be brought to two and three dimensions with the same result.The basic formula can be modified to create a different "dust" pattern.The basic idea can be extended to the real world of clouds and galaxies, most of which are "empty spaces" with wide spacing solid bits ".This is a basic idea.Another way is to divide a line into three degrees, use the third center to form two angled lines and add them to form a peak.

.This can achieve the complexity of snowflakes, especially if one does this for each side of the equalTransverse triangle.In two dimensions, done with a solid triangle and repeated removal of the smaller thirty, we can create the basis of the Sierpinski triangle, which is the basis of the antenna design.
Analyzing the Sierpinski triangle antenna, we can see at a glance that multiple frequencies can be obtained by visualizing each self-similar triangle in a larger triangle as an independent but embedded antenna.A very basic fractal antenna can be formed along the design of the Koch curve.But the better model is to mimic the Sierpinski triangle etched on the board.

You want to harvest the wavelength of these antennas because it will determine the size of your antenna.In addition, all antennas work by resonance and have always been experts on this issue except Tesla.It may be very helpful and constructive to study some of his ideas.
The Sierpinski design formula has been integrated with the complete

diode.The Schottky diode is used because of its low levelIt is necessary voltage and fast response at high frequency.

, But there is no complexity other than a series of frequencies that can be obtained by the antenna design.
The better the antenna, the better the harvest.Some of them can be easily built if Koch curves are used.It is easy to construct and improve in combination with diodes and capacitors.One of the best aspects of this device is that it has little impact on the environment, which makes it rank high in the green category.In closed systems like space vehicles, Green is absolutely necessary.The Earth is also a closed system, so we should explore and develop this technology.Rectenna considered here is a type that can work without the need for a pulse input.It depends on the large amount of environmental radiation present in the universe.

We can use the form of energy that has in some cases been done for more than a century.This can be done with inverters, transformers and other devices that can be placed in circuit design, as is done in micro applications such as mobile phones and WiFi computers.
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