dc to ac power inverter for car Expensive Inverters, Generators and Cheap Power

by:KEBO      2019-10-23
Is the 12 volt DC power supply enough?
A long time ago, in a distant place, when I was just starting to think about leaving the grid, my home not far from home was just a desert, and I avoided as much AC power and generators as I could.Not only is the gasoline generator expensive to run, it requires resources that I was unable to generate myself at the time, which is an additional cost, equivalent to a luxury that I can't afford.Strangely, I quickly found that almost all my needs, even most of my wishes, were fully met without the need for 110 or 220 V AC power.Of course, there are a lot of people who will deny this, the fact is that the 12 v dc power supply comes out directly from the well-known box and will run almost all of them that require a very comfortable life out of the grid.
To be fair, I do have a propane-operated refrigerator in my camper trailer.A can of 11-pound propane usually lasts more than two weeks and can let me freeze the beer if I want and keep the ice cream well --Even in the summer of the desert, it was frozen.In short, it does all my needs even if I really don't need it much, but it's definitely good to have it.It wasn't long before I set up a solar water heater that served me hot water on demand, although it was more luxurious than the fridge, even if the overall cost was lower.However, for regular power supplies, the 12 v dc power supply is usually enough to run everything I need.While it doesn't work for anything that requires a lot of amps, in fact, anything that gets hot or cold, the DC power supply provides everything and more that I need.In today's world, with the advent of the technological revolution, there are more things that can be done directly with 12 v dc.
One of the most common reactions of people when I explain my situation to them is that 12 V power will never provide the necessary lighting.Back in that time, xenon headlights have not yet appeared, but a car headlight is enough to illuminate the whole room, and when indicated with an aluminum cover, of course, bright enough to even read the best print.My headlights are even connected to the light switch, allowing the lights to be turned on and off in a normal or normal way when entering or leaving any room.Of course, I'm using speaker wires instead of more expensive ones, but that's another benefit of running a 12 volt power supply directly.
Oh but I need my stereo and that's another thing I hear.Now, even in the days when I started this kind of life, there were enough power supplies for car sound, amplifiers or what we called "power booster" at the time, and other features, it is allowed to drag the car in a small camp, and even have a very adequate home stereo system in a single room in a house.Given the recent developments in car sound, it is difficult to believe that the sound that will break the window from the car is not loud enough for most people, even if it runs directly on a 12 volt power supply without the need for an expensive power inverter.Today, even passenger cars have TV sets, dvd players, and even full entertainment centers, all of which use 12 V power directly.
While the idea of not paying expensive electricity bills every month can actually scare some people, for most, it's a money that can be spent better in other areas of life.With a little thought, there are many additional savings, including the cost of converters, inverters and other expensive electrical equipment.When living outside the grid, all these savings together should be able to make new expansions or three expansions on the home itself, freeing up space for testing and using more new ideas and concepts.The 12 volt DC power supply is not only enough to meet most of the needs of the family, but also enough to make life very enjoyable, even in places with nothing and nowhere to go, not everyone feels at home like me.
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