dc to ac Lessons from the AC/DC Academy of Business

by:KEBO      2019-08-27
The death of Ace rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young has led many of us to reflect on the passage of time and on the legacy of Australia's greatest rock band ever.
Includes a wonderful and exciting hard rock soundxa0AllClassic songs and some of the greatest guitar riffs of all time, plus lots of personality.
The story of AC/DC also containsxa0For businesses and people who want to be "successful" in almost any area, this is a series of important lessons.

AC/DC found a winning formula in the early days and stuck to it.
The tune is simple and powerful, it plays well, and the personality is humorous.
Over 40 years, again and again.
There is no triple concept album about space aliens or the team's dubstep adventure.
No concessions to fashion, just a commitment to quality.
Fast AC/DCxa0Figure out what it's good at and do a lot.
This is a crucial lesson for any business, worker or job seeker.
Know or discover what you do well and use it.
It's not about stopping growth, ambition, development and improving skills, but it's important to get the basics working well before you start creating a triple concept album that's equivalent to about aliens.
AC/DC quickly found a fan base in Australia and then became the world's dominant.
This is due to quality, reliability and hard work.
Fans know what they will get from the AC/DC album and they know they will like it.
The same is true for live performances.
Some albums are better than others, but never a smelly guy.
AC/DC knows its fans, knows what they like and gives them all the time.
This is the right way for businesses to deal with existing and potential customers and customers.
AC/DC people never try to win those who will never winxa0Love them by changing yourself.
They're not tacky.xa0Power songs about love or something.
They monopolize a large part of the market and have never let these people down.
Nevertheless, great changes have never taken place in AC/DCxa0In 1980, Slater's charismatic lead singer, Bang Scott, went to the world and Malcolm Young's health --Retired in 2014.
With a simple, effective and consistent brand, it works and improves continuouslyxa0(Especially the voice and the boys' costume of Angus Young ).
Practice is perfect, as they say.
Like talented sports people, talented musicians do not just rely on talent.
They also need to work hard and practice to continuously improve their skills and execution.
Many talented people never "succeed ".
Those who work there and stay there tend to have very strong professional ethics.
So is the enterprise.xa0Service for employees

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