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by:KEBO      2019-09-21
People are becoming more aware of the destruction of our dependence on fossil fuels on the Earth, and are beginning to understand that these fossil fuels will not always exist and that our energy needs must have a different solution.Energy costs have been rising and people feel nervous when they get electricity in the summer or winter.The solar panels completely eliminate uncertainty and concerns, and also greatly reduce the carbon footprint of you and your family.With solar panels, you will have a constantly updated source of energy that will require little attention in 20 years once they are in place.With the installation of solar panels, the value of the home has also increased significantly.How solar panels work solar panels are made of solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells.When the sun shines to the nonThe reflective glass of the solar panel, the photons of the sun interact with the elements inside the photovoltaic cell, shaking them, causing the electrons to separate from them.Electricity is generated through this action, and then passed from the solar panel to the charging controller, which regulates the amount of electricity that most homes that choose to use solar panels send to the battery, so they have electricity at night and on rainy days.The charging controller ensures long battery life by preventing the battery from overcharging or overchargingdrained.The electricity generated by the solar panel and stored in the solar panel battery is DC.Things in your home run under AC or AC.The inverter switches the DC to AC.After that, your home is powered like a power company.The benefits of solar panels not long ago, the cost of installing solar panels at home was very expensive, although costs have been recovered over the years;However, this cost has fallen by more than 40%, and some states offer rewards and rebates to anyone with solar panels.This makes it very easy to get your expenses back, sometimes in the first year!The best place to find solar panels is in the SouthThe orientation of the roof;However, if you don't have the South --Face exposure, or it's limited, an Oriental-The West setup or ground mount system can also work.At any time of the day, it is very important that there is no shadow on the solar panel.Few homes are not suitable for solar panels: an integrated approach solves almost all the difficulties.
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