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by:KEBO      2019-08-02
Recent statistics show that administrators waste an average of 150 hours a year looking for missing documents.1 out of 20 documents was lost and never recovered.
Whether at home or in the office, your desk is the center of your daily activities.But it also turned into a dump.A wide variety of paper, souvenirs, and personal items are scattered together and look like chaos, not order.Here are 10 tips to help you organize your office!!1.Everything needs a place.Think about the mantra when you clean up the office and handle future paperwork ---Everything needs a place.Remember each mnemonic "RAT" that runs through your desk (so you don't become a packed mouse ).That is, you should decide to keep it, take action on it, or throw it away.These rules also apply to e-commerce.Mail and e-filesYour computer desktop is not a place where files float around;They belong to the archives.As e-The Mail comes in and you should delete, archive, or read it and reply immediately.
2.Collect the right tools.You have to clean up your heap office and put all the files in the upright position so you can find them quickly without digging.Whether you are using a filing cabinet, filing cabinet or filing box, it is your personal choice.Just make sure you have some sort of filing system.You'll want to set up your space so that your most commonly used files can be stored near your desk, while files with lower access rates can be stored further away.If you don't have much space, you can store almost unwanted documents, such as old tax documents, completely in another room.
3.Say no to the newspaper.Print the paperwork only if it is completely necessary.If you do print something, recycle it as soon as you have completed your task of using it.2.Kick Post-To the road.Post-It looks messy and it's easy to lose track.Put the notebook on the table, next to the keyboard, and develop the habit of using the notebook.
3.Show your photos on your computer.Turn off the home photo frame, instead choose to rotate the personal photo slide on your computer, or choose your favorite photo to use on your desktop background.The frame just adds confusion and we are trying to lose it here.4.Keep or delete?If you are using something every day, put it on your desk;If you use something once a week, you should be able to reach out from the chair;If you use something once a month, put it in your office or work area.If you use it less than once a month, put it somewhere else.5.Put office supplies in a drawer.Just put the supplies you use a lot on the table.Do you really need 25 pens and 15 packs of salt?6.Move electronic equipment out of sight.Your cable modem, wireless router, firewall, battery backup, etc.Shouldn't be on your desk.Even if you have enough space, it will bring visual confusion.7.Put those wires together.Half of your desk is easily covered with wires for a variety of electronics.It would help to move something off the table.Some Velcro wrapped around the wires can help to clean things up a lot.Also, make sure you have wires that are long enough to block.You can't arrange them neatly if they are too short.8.Get rid of spam.To clear the normal spam in the mailbox, please contact the Direct Marketing Association (DMA ).The association also provided an electronicMail priority services, which may help reduce unsolicited commercial emailsMail ("spam ").To add your name to the mailing preferences service list and reduce the number of "spam" messages you receive, you can register online at 9.Think of your office..your kitchen.Once your office is organized, you want to stay that way.A major part of maintaining the order is the way you handle the task.As evidenced by the way they handle the kitchen, most people have the skills they need.People usually have a very clean kitchen and the office is really no different.The food is rotten so you clean up and wipe the counter.If you can use the skills you already have in your office, then you will maintain it.In order to prevent future paper accumulation, treat the paper in the office as perishable paper.Don't pile it up and tell yourself that you will deal with it when you have time.You won't eat in the kitchen.Make a decision on paper immediately.Put a recycle bin and a waste paper basket next to your desk and use it frequently.10.Look around.At the end of each day (or at least every week), tidy up your table and put everything back in place.(Yes, there should be a place for everything.
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