County's new solar farm gets off to a blistering start - generating enough power in one day to put it ahead of its monthly target - dc to ac power inverter for car

by:KEBO      2019-11-25
County\'s new solar farm gets off to a blistering start - generating enough power in one day to put it ahead of its monthly target  -  dc to ac power inverter for car
Yesterday, the scorching sun ushered in a good start to Suham's new 12 MW solar power plant. June 19)-
Generate enough electricity to exceed the monthly target of 13 cents.
The solar farm, which covers 70 acres and has 45,000 photovoltaic panels, will generate enough electricity to supply more than 3,000 households each year, while offsetting the 123,000 tons of carbon dioxide released during its lifetime.
This is the first local authority project in the UK to receive a price difference contract (CfD)
This is a financial incentive for the energy generated, and will generate pounds a year of revenue from the initial investment of £ 1 million.
Cllr Ian Bates called it an "exciting day for cam County Council" and "one of the few examples of local authorities taking the initiative ".
He continued: "It didn't happen overnight --
You need planning permission, community participation, and planning permission for farmers and others as well.
"We can save you extra parliamentary taxes by investing . . . . . . This will generate millions of dollars a year, which means we can keep front-end services that are recognized by most people.
"Cam County Council is the county's largest landowner, where there is a lot of farmland. . . .
This is the first time, but not necessarily the last investment.
"Under the council's secured contract framework, if the contractor fails to generate sufficient energy, they will either install additional panels or issue a check for the County Council for the same amount.
Any additional funds obtained from the plan beyond the expected amount will also be returned to the coffers of the County Council.
In this way, it guarantees the return on investment of the Council.
The sweltering weather this week has made the solar project a good start, generating 76 KW of the energy yesterday alone.
This is enough to provide annual power for 14 houses, or to cook 76,000 water bottles for 1 hour and make the farm exceed the monthly target for June.
It's equivalent to 456,880,997 cups of tea.
If you drive a car, you can fly around the Earth 21 times with the energy generated in a year.
David Carr, director of the company at buig, who built the site, said: "I am very happy to be here and we are very happy to be involved in such a project.
"This is exactly what we like: it gives our engineers the opportunity to show their abilities.
"Today, we have made some sustainable achievements, which will last for a long time, which is crucial.
We worked with a very visionary partner. CCC]
This is one of the most forward-looking organizations I have ever worked.
"Once the energy is generated from the sun's light, it spreads to one of the five central inverters that convert 1,000 of the DC energy in the solar panel into AC power.
It then enters the state grid at a voltage of 43,000 volts.
The grass on the once tertiary agricultural land has grown back [
This makes it unsuitable for growing crops.
The sheep will graze freely again, but this time the views are completely different.
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