cost of power inverter ON THE GRID OR OFF THE GRID / Bigger Is Better / An interstate electricity highway could leverage economies of scale to keep the lights on

by:KEBO      2019-11-13
We can leave it to America.Almost 50 years ago, when the Interstate Highway system was put forward, we could say, "let each state decide on the road and pay for it, or let private businesses build toll roads in profitable places."Fortunately, we don't.Today, vehicles can be integrated in a highRoad capacity across the country.There are many differences in the flow of cars or trucks and electricity.But just as the Interstate system opens up a new era, people and goods are more likely to flow around the United States, bringing huge economic and social benefits, do we now need to overcome the obstacles to the easy flow of electricity on the national line.The electricity crisis in California is caused by many forces, and the shortage of electricity in other parts of California is also very likely.Growth in California's population and industry has expanded demand for electricity.Legislative restrictions that reflect environmental protection and other concerns hinder electricity constructionProduce plants.Regular shutdown of power plants for maintenance caused a shortagePower shortage.In addition, one of the oddities of California law is that the prices that power producers can charge to distributors are not regulated, and the prices that these distributors can charge to consumers are regulated and restricted.But in the debate on balancing supply and demand, what is basically missing is the discussion about an effective state grid that will allow a lot of electricity to flow, just like highway traffic, from state to stateThe Interstate connection does exist now, but the capacity is limited.They are primarily intended to meet temporary needs related to local power emergencies, rather than for continuous use.If these interstate lines are upgraded to a larger capacity then we can actually create the state grid.An effective state grid could lead to more competition among the nation's power producers, and there are more options everywhere to meet demand.No state or region needs to rely solely on a small number of power generation producers within its territory, and the increase in interstate competitors will result in greater supply guarantees and lower prices.The underlying problem is basically one of the incentives.With the state's maze and federal regulations on electricity production, distribution and pricing, the risk of private construction of expensive transmission lines crossing multiple state borders is high and the power is small.Imagine that in state a, but in a power plant near state B, there is occasional excess capacity at the plant.There is no market for electricity in state B, but there is demand for electricity in State C, which is adjacent to it.In a smooth and efficient power transmission system, electricity will be transferred from the power plant in state a to state B for use and, therefore, transactions are allowed in order to send the electricity produced in the area to State C.Through such a DominoLike the process, electricity in one region can effectively help alleviate the power shortage in another region --Only a relatively short seriesDistance transmission.The federal government can and should promote the development of such a comprehensive power transmission network.It will strengthen the country;It will extend options for users;It is beneficial to the interests of consumers and increases competition among suppliers;It will overcome the diversity of national regulations that limit incentives for profitable interstate power transmission.The interstate system does not solve all the problems caused by the growing number of cars in the country, and the price is not cheap.But its purpose is to maximize the interlinkages between the metropolitan areas, taking advantage of adequate system-wide standby capacity, and it does change the country by bundling 48 neighboring countries into oneEffect: reduced costs, increased "exports" of California fruits and vegetables to the Midwest, reduced costs, and increased exports of Midwest manufactured goods to the West.Like every state is like an independent country, it makes no sense to build roads for its own residents, or to increase its own food supply, each state is equally inefficient in developing its own power supply independently.It is foolish to find electricity producers in one state to claim that they should not "help" consumers in another state.A national system will make better use of the different power needs across the country, seasonally, and even within a day.For consumers and industrial users in California, the impact of the national transmission network will be real and lasting, but not spectacular.However, this will greatly help to achieve the quiet results each consumer is seeking --Lower prices and more reliable power supply.There is no single solution to the energy crisis in California, but the development of the National Interstate power system will greatly help solve this problem.Local power distribution within a state is still a matter of state control.The role of the federal government will be primarily to provide financial incentives for building additional interstate transmission capabilities and to set standards for their design and utilizationJust like the Interstate system.A survey of history and government professors by the Brookings Institution last year showed that the Interstate Highway System is one of the seven achievements of the government in the past 50 years --Rebuild Europe after World War II and expand voting rights.The interstate power highway system is likely to be one of the government's highest achievements in the next half of the time.century.We have a power crisis in California.In fact, we have two questions:Long term problems and long termterm problem.From the consumer's point of view, the problem in the short term is :--Electricity bills soared.--Worried about paying the growing debt of power distributors such as Pacific Gas and power companiesEither raise interest rates or raise taxes.--No lights, no refrigeration, no threat of heat, is also a reality for some users.These concerns are real and serious.But they're just a serious long-term symptom.Term crisis: the incentive mechanism for the power industry is wrong!As Adam Smith reminded us more than two centuries ago, we do not expect the seller's goodwill to serve them in the public interest;We pay attention to their own interests.Then, as it is today, sensible public policies require the coordination of the two to provide incentives for the development of a power system that provides reliable, efficient production and competitive distribution of electricity, so the price is low.This long-The terminology problem will not be solved by a series of bands.Government officials, power producers and distributors are fighting for AIDS.Now is the time to develop a long-termterm plan.Two long elementsThe long-term plan for efficient and reliable power is clear :--Electricity fromSufficiency in each state is a bad policy.It is easy to think that it is a fundamental problem to rely on the import of electricity from other countries.It is not.Trade and competition mean more producers can be reached, which can bring about no less power efficiency than food, electronics or carsTake advantage of cost sources.(Promoting more interstate options does not rule out the construction of more local power generation, and small, "micro" power generation units are indeed part of the overall power policy.However, the advantages of their flexibility must be balanced against the usual higher costs they meet predictable long-term needsterm demand.) --Encouraging investment in power transmission requires incentives.There is no benefit from lowUnless electricity can reach the user, the cost of electricity production is high.That is why the federal government can play such an important role in financial encouragement and support for the National Interstate Highway System.--Burton A.Weisbrod and Glen.
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