computer power surge protector top 7 reasons you should back up your data online!

by:KEBO      2019-09-16
How much is your data worth to you?In this modern era...We rely more on us than ever before...For us...we need.How much value can you possibly rely on your data for you?In this modern electronicIn this era, we rely more than ever on computers to provide the information we need.Every piece of data you may rely on may be reduced to digital format and reside somewhere on your computer's hard drive.On the other hand, however, improved functionality and productivity are good, with a wrong click, a nasty virus, an untimely surge in power or unhappy employees, and the data goes away foreverOnline Backup (also known as offsite or remote backup) is a great solution for almost any small business or personal computer user.1.The data shows you should.a.Of the companies that have experienced data loss, 50% have neverBoth open and 90% were closed for two years.b.It takes 21 days for 20 MB of accounting data, and the cost of copying is $19,000.c.42% hardware failure, 30% human error, 13% software damage, 7% computer virus, 5% theft.2.Easy.Online backup is an easy way to protect your data.The online backup service provides software applications, server space, and customer services in a turnkey solution.There are no additional software applications or device specifications available for learning.Installation and setup-It's fast and painless.Your backup can be scheduled to run automatically at any time you wish.There is no media, tape or hardware to handle.3.Security.Believe it or not, online backup is usually better than in-Internal backup solution.If your computer or data is affected by natural disasters, power failure/surge, viruses, vandalism, theft, human error, etc., your in-Home backups will suffer the same consequences.Another unfortunate thing about tape backups is that they are generally not encrypted and not very secure.Almost anyone can read them and have access to your customers, sales, prospects, bills, billing records, payroll, tax information and any other information on your computer.Online backup encryption (up to 448-Bit) before transferring data to a remote server, transfer the data to the remote server first.Most backup servers are stored in a safe place with security guards, generators and the latest status-of-the-Art safety technology.4.Inexpensive.Online Backup allows you to make more money.Building traditional data protection programs requires software, hardware, media, and manpower.Time required to setUpdate and protect your data every day.Online Backup integrates all of these features into a simple service with a small fee per month or year.The cost?If you or your employees spend only 10 minutes a day running a tape backup or burning a CD, calculate the labor cost of about $100 a month.In addition to this, the cost of a cd or tape is 4 to 5 times the average online backup cost, which requires no time per day once your initial setup is complete.You can start your online backup account for only $5-$15 per month.5.Quick file recovery.If you need to recover the lost data, simply select the applicable file or volume and click the mouse to transfer all the data to its original location.Your data is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.You can restore a single file or all files in a few minutes.6.Peace of Mind.Knowing that your data is secure, secure, and always available, there is a good reason to look at the online backup solution.7.Alternative.You can't afford a replacement!Computer users spend millions of dollars a year recovering lost data.The data recovery industry is huge and continues to grow.Let's say your data is recoverable.It is expected to be an expensive and time-consuming test.Obviously, it's better to be prepared first.
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